She Chose a Dress!!

I’m not allowed to know much of anything about The Dress, but I am told that this one was a major contender, until she tried on The Dress. She tells me that they all knew, including her, the moment she put it on. I cannot even wait to see her on September 7th.


If she looks even half as good as she looks in this one, then I am definitely getting upstaged at our wedding, and I don’t even mind!!

Have I mentioned that we have a wedding planner?

We are the kinds of brides who want to have a say in basically every single detail, like every. single. detail. about our wedding. When it comes to the execution of these ideas, however, we definitely need some help. We realized this early on and met with Cheryl from Cheryl J. Weddings & Events. We don’t need a full wedding planner, so she’s helping us with the aspects of the wedding where we need the most hand-holding. It’s only been a few months but she has been amazing. Every time we turn to her with a question she has a brilliant answer that we hadn’t thought of. When we have some silly creative idea about the lighting or making a change in the menu, she helps us figure out a way to bring these ideas to life without completely blowing our budget. (That’s not to say that we’re not about to fall off the budget tightrope we’ve been walking, but it would be worse without her) I really believe that the money we’re spending on Cheryl is worth it, because she’s helping us save in so many other places.

We knew it would be important to mesh well with the people who are most integral in helping us plan this wedding, and we’ve really been incredibly fortunate. We have this amazing team of people who are perfectly helping our vision come to life.

Our Engagement Party!


Sam and I are still recovering from our engagement party. If you ask us, it was pretty epic. We threw our wild friends and our wild families into one space with an open bar and just let it all happen. There were beautiful cocktail dresses, plenty of red lipstick, too much champagne and definitely more cupcakes than necessary. Here are the details.

Where: Larry Lawrence Bar. The owners Ook and Aelea went above and beyond. The first time we walked into the bar, we knew this was the spot for a December cocktail party: candle light and exposed brick walls gave us the intimate and romantic feel we were looking for. We loved the venue just as it was, but we added some florals in memory of Sam’s mom Penny, whose favorite flowers–calla lilies–were the centerpieces at her own wedding. Eva’s Garden did a spectacular job.

What we ate: Eric at Hachi took care of the food. We served asian fusion hors d’oeuvres of which I did not eat nearly enough.

 What we ate for dessert: Clearly this had to be threefold! Cupcakes from Sprinkles, cake pops from Cake Pop Gal and cookies from Levains. So New York. So delicious.

Both of our dads said a few words, we showed our engagement video, and then everyone drank and ate and partied. Having so many of our loved ones together was absolutely amazing.

LI8A9141We couldn’t have asked for a more magical night. We are so lucky  to have such incredible friends and family.

My night, by the way, ended with onion rings and wings at    Bar Coastal.