Oscar de la Renta

Back to that fabulous trip to Bergdorf’s with my mom and sister. As you can imagine, they carry a lovely variety of high-end gowns. The dresses there were all a little different, so they had a nice eclectic assortment. I’ve tried on so many dresses that run the gamut from what I would consider an appropriate price for a dress to numbers that are just crazytown, but I’m glad I did. I think that every bride, regardless of her budget, should try on at least one $10,000 couture number because they are stunning. To be honest, I’m not really a glitter and beading kinda gal. Every single dress that I felt I might actually wear for my wedding was one of the lower-priced, much more casual ones. (I am my mother’s daughter!) At each bridal salon I would respond to the budget question by saying “Anything below ten, but I don’t see myself spending more than five.” This is not entirely true. I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying the dress of your dreams, and every woman is different but I would never, ever spend that much on a dress–I prefer to splurge on food, booze and entertainment–but I certainly enjoyed putting them on! The dress that I am having custom made for my wedding (more on that later!) is coming in under $4,000, so it’s true, anything is possible.

Okay, so that being said, it’s obvious that I enjoyed trying on some fabulous designer gowns, and I cannot say this enough- Every bride should!


This dress is a white floral guipure sweetheart column gown by Oscar de la Renta. I saw this on the rack and grabbed it myself. The texture was incredible, and though it has the look of a lace gown, it had this bright clean cotton feel to it. In the end  it wasn’t something that was great for my body or my wedding venue (in the woods) but it was unique, simple and totally gorgeous. Just look at that texture! (I say that in my mom’s Long Island accent, “tex-cha!”)


… And I should really be honest – there’s nothing clean and bright about me. This dress would look amazing on an elegant lady having a fabulous garden wedding in springtime.


Photo Practice

Some couples take engagement photos. We are no such couple. There was simply no possible way for us to take engagement photos without looking completely ridiculous.

So when Grazia got in touch with us to do a photo shoot (Yes, we’re just going to ride this totally weird wave) we thought, “Why not!?”

Turns out we really needed the practice. Our wedding photos should certainly be interesting because we had no idea what we were doing. Where to look? Smile? Walk? Stand still?


We haven’t seen the final product, but if nothing else I bet they’ll be funny. We got to work with amazing women who were really fun to spend an afternoon with, and they made us feel as comfortable as we possibly could in such an odd situation.


More to come on this we hope …

Invitations by Sesame Letterpress

Invitations by Sesame Letterpress

The design team in Brooklyn is working on our wedding invitations and we are so looking forward to seeing the final design.

I don’t want to give away too much, but they’re a really lovely union of rustic and elegant, just like our wedding venue, and maybe me. Well, I can be a little rustic, less so on the elegant. Sam is certainly not rustic …

The Princess Bride

Long before she picked her dress, I had a sneaking suspicion that my beautiful bride was planning to wear Vera Wang for our upcoming nuptials. When we got engaged and I spent hours looking at dresses online (annoying her and often waking her up to see one as she tried to sleep). I could just tell that she’d look amazing in a ball gown. Me, however, we knew I’d look ridiculous in one, but come on, what bride doesn’t want to try on one of those big poofy princess gowns?

While I was dress shopping at Bergdorf’s with my mom and sister, I tried on one dress that literally stood up on its own (We didn’t take a photo of that one, sadly, because we didn’t know we were allowed) Before we left though, I was sure to put on a big Vera Wang. As you can see, I looked terrible. I am 5’11” and I looked about 4’9″. Still, it was fun.Image

I may have twirled. Once. Twice.


Wedding Hair.

So I’ve looked at plenty of blogs and seen plenty of wedding hair. I know that an updo is smart; there’s no hassle, it looks great on most women and you don’t have to worry about your hair for the rest of the day. Both my sister Katy and my sister-in-law Jaine did updos and theirs looked amazing: (Jaine is above, Katy below)

Unfortunately for me, I don’t look very good with my hair up, not to mention my little left ear issue, which leaves me desperate to find a hair stylist who can give me the perfect long and luxurious waves. I mean it, I’ve been telling my friends for years that when it comes to wedding hair I am going for one thing: Kardashian!
I found this photo on OnceWed and it’s pretty accurate:
For this I will also need extensions.
I’m not stressed (YET!) because this is my plan:
Sam and I are both going to need our hair done so we will hire the same hair & make up people. She can do a hair trial before we hire them, and if she’s happy then we book them. I will do my hair trial after I get these extensions I’ve been dreaming of (which may not even work out, I know nothing about being a high-maintenance lady) and we will wed, smooch and live happily ever after.
My only fear is that every time I have had my hair done as a bridesmaid and asked for waves, I’ve come out looking a little bit Toddlers & Tiaras. I secretly think that the the beauty team do this on purpose so the bride always gets to look the best though (is this crazy? It’s not) and maybe this time I will indeed get my Koveted Kardashian hair!
Have any hair + make up people to recommend? Or a great place for hair extensions?
Please e-mail me or drop a comment!


We thought it would be cute to have personalized stamps for our save-the-dates, so we ordered these from myownlabels.com. Since our save-the-dates won’t actually say “save the date!” (Even though it’s quite obvious) we thought these were a nice complement.

We’ll show you our save-the-dates another time. They’re simple and fun, and since we’re going to go ahead with some fancy invitations, these were a good place to save some money and keep it ladiback. More to come on those later. I cannot even believe it’s already time to start sending them out. This is all flying by!

For now, check out the stamps:


Apologies for the poor quality of the photo.