The Princess Bride

Long before she picked her dress, I had a sneaking suspicion that my beautiful bride was planning to wear Vera Wang for our upcoming nuptials. When we got engaged and I spent hours looking at dresses online (annoying her and often waking her up to see one as she tried to sleep). I could just tell that she’d look amazing in a ball gown. Me, however, we knew I’d look ridiculous in one, but come on, what bride doesn’t want to try on one of those big poofy princess gowns?

While I was dress shopping at Bergdorf’s with my mom and sister, I tried on one dress that literally stood up on its own (We didn’t take a photo of that one, sadly, because we didn’t know we were allowed) Before we left though, I was sure to put on a big Vera Wang. As you can see, I looked terrible. I am 5’11” and I looked about 4’9″. Still, it was fun.Image

I may have twirled. Once. Twice.


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