Save That Date! Rest Those Spirits!

Save That Date!

Our save-the-date is a coaster that we thought was fun. They were Sam’s idea, so she deserves the credit.
We found these ones on, as well as the stamps we used to mail them. We ordered square envelopes from and printed the address labels ourselves. Overall this was very easy and affordable. We love receiving picture texts of the coasters in action.


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4 thoughts on “Save That Date! Rest Those Spirits!

  1. I LOVE this idea and am stealing it from you, thanks! Quick question: what size envelopes did you order and how much did the coasters cost to mail? Thanks!

    • Erin,
      We bought 150 recycled white 5×5 square envelopes from, which cost just under $40. (The square envelopes are more expensive but they look much nicer) and we ordered 90 cent stamps from the same place we got the labels,
      It wasn’t much work and we think they were so cute!

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