Mainstream, and Other Lesbian Descriptors.

I started this blog for two reasons, really. First, though I knew nothing about planning a lesbian wedding, friends and family were asking me questions like I was the spokeswoman for gay brides. Second, I like doing lame girly wedding stuff like staying up late perusing wedding blogs, and I was finding little to no lesbian content. So here we are, all of us (that means me and you, Mom) discovering together that planning my wedding with Sam the girl is basically the same as if I were planning this wedding with Sam, the boy, except there will be two dresses and two father/daughter dances. Still, imagine my surprise when the newest New York Magazine Wedding Guide went live on the web and there were lesbos everywhere. Here are some featured in Real New York Weddings, and another right here in this slideshow. Stop it. There is another lesbian couple in this same slideshow. That makes three featured lesbian couples in one issue. Three.

I’m already trying to pick the pieces of my mind up off the floor when I sign onto StyleMePretty and find this, another lesbian wedding on a mainstream wedding blog. While it’s happened before, it’s not often, and when I saw it I peed my chinos a little. I’m lying. I don’t even own chinos … but Sam does. And I was jealous (of the stylish ladies, not the chinos).

Turns out Sam and I are just bandwagon girls planning an average wedding … No I’m totally lying again. Our wedding is going to kick ass. Or it will be a disaster. We’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Mainstream, and Other Lesbian Descriptors.

  1. I love this post! Truth is, we don’t get a lot of lesbian weddings in…I wish we could feature more. For us, Love is love is love. And whether it’s a boy and a girl or a girl and a girl, we don’t care! We just want pretty weddings where love takes center stage. Oh and your wedding is definitely going to kick ass:) xoxo, Abby (style me pretty)

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