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August 6th 2012 Cannon Beach, Oregon. Moments after the proposal.

So we got engaged. Now everyone’s excited for our wedding, ya know why? It turns out that very few people we know have ever been to a lesbian wedding. I actually made a deal with my friend’s dad a few years ago; If I was invited to all four of his children’s weddings then he could come to mine. His save-the-date will be in the mail soon.

I’m excited to plan a wedding, almost as excited as I am to marry my favorite person in the whole world, but we don’t think of our wedding as a lesbian wedding, we just think of it as our wedding. We didn’t get engaged because it’s now legal in New York, we got engaged because we’re ready to be married. All politics aside, our wedding is about us and the people who love us. Still, I have my girly tendencies, and reading wedding blogs is one of them. Occasionally I’ll find a feature on a gay wedding, but it’s usually about men. (Though my absolute fav, nymag, does occasionally feature some 2 Bride weddings like this one) I want to see what other women are doing when they marry each other!

Most brides these days have the go-to blogs they use to spark some wedding inspiration and/or waste time when they should be doing something else; in my case writing, reading, laundry, walking my dogs, or going to the gym. Currently my two favorites are greenweddingshoes.com and stylemepretty.com.

But now that I am engaged to marry a girl (2 brides!) I’m getting tired of googling lesbian weddings (Though I will admit I’m a touch addicted to this tumblr: lesbianweddings.tumblr.com/)

It seems that a lot of people are curious about the process of planning this wedding. Even Sam and I were apprehensive when we began meeting with vendors. We didn’t want anyone to be surprised that we were two women so we made it perfectly clear before ever meeting in person (we’re ridiculous, this is New York City) and even began our own gmail account: 2brides2be@gmail.com to keep our wedding emails organized.

Between other people’s curiosity and our own lack of knowledge, I thought I’d let everyone have a look at our planning process. I suspect it’s going to be quite similar to that of any other couple, straight or gay, but for me, weddings are fascinating no matter who is getting married. This is our one moment to ask the people we love to come celebrate with us, and we’re going to make sure they never, ever forget it.

Thanks for being a part of it,


Laura Leigh

11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Your Salon article is now linked from Fark.com … For better or worse, you are now famous and everyone will want to crash your wedding … It was a very nice article, and I wish you both the best of luck!!

  2. You’re not alone sister! My wedding is in August and have faced and fear facing the same challenges. Thank you for spreading the word and sharing this exciting time with the world…just like everyone else does!!!!!! – keep it real!!

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