The Lengths I’ll go to.

My wedding vision has always been something a little blurry and a little bizarre, and it has always included long, flowing hair. Hair that I cannot grow myself. Hair that would need to be professionally created. Enter Jill Hammelman, my new personal hero.

After a million questions and a few freak-out emails (Should I really be doing this four months before my wedding? Will I ruin them? Are you sure I won’t ruin them?) I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer and we went for it. The results are amazing. I am now incredibly vain and obsessed with my hair. However, I am about to leave for a spin class and this will be my first work-out with the hair. I don’t know how Jill does it. I cannot get all of this hair into a proper ponytail. Oh well, looking insane is a small price to pay for the best thing that has ever happened to me. (Second only to Sam … )

See the transformation below.


Before. I’m simply giddy with excitement. My hair is long-ish but thin and damaged. This is no way to live.


Back of my hair before. Gross.


Now dyed and trimmed … check out those dark brows.


So this is love.


I mean. I can’t.


Jill and her awesome hair. The lady who made this all possible.


This post would not be complete without a selfie.

I have to stop writing now and go stare at myself in the mirror. Bye.

Wedding Salon Showcase

Yesterday afternoon Sam and I headed downtown to The Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street to check out a bridal showcase by The Wedding Salon. The place was packed and I was twice referred to as Sam’s “assistant.” We couldn’t figure out why, as we were both wearing our required entry stickers, which read “I’m a Bride.” Sam swore she wouldn’t wear her sticker outside but as we left I slapped mine on her chest and we made it all the way to Sixth Avenue before she peeled them off.


Sam near the entrance.

 Upon entry there were rows of bridal gowns by various designers. If this showcase is any indication of this year’s bridal trends some of these dresses were wild and over the top. Lots of tulle, shiny beading and sequins in unexpected places.  The models in the gowns were stunning, of course, but most of the dresses were just a bit much for simple gals like us. There was a row of elegant dresses on display from Michelle New York that I kept eyeing, with feminine lace and figure-flattering cuts, I gave them a long, final glance on our way out the door.

Some of what we tasted: Yummy Cakes by Kevaughn, custom colored black & white cookies (Sam’s favorite) by Nussbaum & Wu and gorgeous & tasty chocolate covered pretzels by Fatty Sundays & Co.


Don’t mind if I do.

There were plenty of spirits there too. I sipped on some Seagram’s Escapes malt beverages, tasted various champagnes and was introduced to Mercy Hangover Prevention, a canned beverage packed with vitamins that we were told  prevents hangovers. Currently our cans of Mercy are in our fridge. I will get some real answers after my next night of drinking, but I’m skeptical.

There were vendors everywhere, and tables showcasing varying décor. Some of the centerpieces were opulent, others understated, and our favorite was the elegantly rustic table of wildflowers in mason jars. I took a look at some lovely jewelry by Merry Alchemy and signed up for all kinds of raffles.


Rustic elegance.

I think the showcase was a success. Not only did we get to taste plenty of baked goods, and I do so love a baked good, but we are surer than ever that our own wedding will truly reflect our style. Seeing all the different gowns and centerpieces was a real reminder how different each couple’s tastes are, and the endless options when it comes to designing your own wedding.

We had a great time, and I’m looking forward to putting my can of Mercy to the test.

On Trial.

This past weekend we had our hair & make-up trials, set up by our wedding planner Cheryl. We took the bus downtown to the East Village to meet with hair stylist Jill Hammelman and make-up artist Sharon Becker.


Top of the Mornin’

We arrived with bare faces and unkept hair, and as if they’d known us forever, the ladies offered us mimosas. Green mimosas, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Then we got down to business. I talked hair extensions with Jill as she set my hair and Sharon did Sam’s make-up, then I snapped a close-up of myself before we switched spots.

photo-60I spent most of my make-up application telling Sharon that I am positively not going to cry at our wedding. “I’m just not like that,” I said. Then Jill finished Sam’s hair, and she looked incredible. Then something happened. When Sam’s mom married Sam’s dad, she wore a very cool headpiece at the wedding. Sam always planned to wear it someday for her own wedding. In the wake of her death, honoring her mother feels more imperative than ever. Jill and Sam played around with the headpiece until they got it just right, and as I looked over at Sam I caught a glimpse of her mother Penny. Sam looked so beautiful, and she looked just like her mom. In that brief moment I totally lost my cool, and as I harnessed my emotions I said, to no one in particular, “Well, okay, I might cry at our wedding.”


Close-up, pre-hair.

That headpiece, however, will just have to be a surprise.


Nothing like a full face of make-up on a Saturday afternoon.
Will I master control of that wonky eye before the wedding? Probably not.

The end results will, of course, be tweaked for our wedding day, but we loved Sharon and Jill and more importantly, we loved their work. We had a blast and we can’t wait until September 7th when they transform us into glamazons for our special day.


Jill and Sharon, who worked some real magic on us.

Alter Egos


My Favorite. People were staring as we crossed the street because our dogs Luda and Winston are adorable, we looked ridiculous, and we had photographers following us.

Remember how I told you that Grazia, a British women’s magazine, wanted to do an interview with us, as well as a photo shoot? Well that happened, and we did it, cause why not?! I asked to proof read the final draft, which they agreed to, and when I did I mentioned a few mistakes (Sam is originally from New Jersey, for instance, not the Midwest. I realize the difference means nothing to the Brits, but it does to Americans) I was assured these tweaks would be made. They weren’t. Is it the end of the world? Absolutely not, especially since this is a British magazine and I don’t know anyone who will ever read it. When I read it, the article actually sounds like a British girl telling a similar story to my own, rather than me telling my story, or us telling our story… Oh well. (I apparently had a boyfriend when I met Sam, and when we weren’t together I slept with other women – both false)

The good news; the amazing photographer Circe sent us some of the best images from the shoot. They’re pretty wild, but definitely entertaining. We’re wearing ridiculous outfits, the oddest mixes of our own clothes. It was really fun though, So I thought I’d share a few.


Cutie pie!


We didn’t know how to pose so we spent most of the day laughing nervously.


It can’t all be glamorous right? So this post is just a check-in of where we’re at about 6 months from the wedding.


This week we:

  •  Went over our wedding contract with our amazing wedding coordinator and culinary mastermind, Stephanie and Lisa at Cedar Lakes.
  • Sent our selected ceremony readings to our Celebrant Elizabeth. (Sam also sent out her questionnaire, on time. I got an extension. Bad student!)
  • Sent our invitation suite wording to Breck at Sesame Letter Press, who in turn sent us  a .pdf of our suite. We will be finalizing with him this week.
  • Planned a Monday morning phone call with Cheryl, our planner.
  • Booked a hair and make up trial for next weekend (So excited. So nervous)
  • Got on top of bach planning (Post on those to come. Let me just say they’re both going to be totally out of control)
  • Made appointments to finish gift registries
  • Sent out accommodation info to family
  • Checked in with John Ragusa, who found us one of our wedding’s most important elements; the band!
  • Discussed the fact that we need to purchase and finalize wedding favors (Does that count as something we got done? I just like crossing things off lists … )

According to our Wedding Workbook (printed and included in the Wedding Binder courtesy of Sam) we are pretty on top of everything. I think the next 2-3 months are going to be really busy for us with wedding stuff, but amazing busy like tasting cake and choosing my wedding band. Sam chose her wedding band in December. She saw a photo on the web, we drove to Philly and she put down a deposit that day. I’m not quite so easy and I don’t know what I want! We do need to finish reserving important rentals like golf carts, and I’m not going to worry about the bullet that reads: Buy stockings and any special lingerie your dress requires (My goal for my wedding was NO SPANX! I love dressing up and I definitely have an assortment of uncomfortable under garments, but for my wedding I’m going as glam as I can as comfortably as I can)

So we’re on track! All is well. Oh, Sam also bought amazing wedding shoes. I’ll post a picture of those soon, if I can get her permission. We also went to see our band last week when they played a show at Prohibition. They are not only super gracious and very cool, but they seriously rock. I cannot even wait to go nuts to some Honky Tonk Woman!!

Photo Practice

Some couples take engagement photos. We are no such couple. There was simply no possible way for us to take engagement photos without looking completely ridiculous.

So when Grazia got in touch with us to do a photo shoot (Yes, we’re just going to ride this totally weird wave) we thought, “Why not!?”

Turns out we really needed the practice. Our wedding photos should certainly be interesting because we had no idea what we were doing. Where to look? Smile? Walk? Stand still?


We haven’t seen the final product, but if nothing else I bet they’ll be funny. We got to work with amazing women who were really fun to spend an afternoon with, and they made us feel as comfortable as we possibly could in such an odd situation.


More to come on this we hope …

Wedding Hair.

So I’ve looked at plenty of blogs and seen plenty of wedding hair. I know that an updo is smart; there’s no hassle, it looks great on most women and you don’t have to worry about your hair for the rest of the day. Both my sister Katy and my sister-in-law Jaine did updos and theirs looked amazing: (Jaine is above, Katy below)

Unfortunately for me, I don’t look very good with my hair up, not to mention my little left ear issue, which leaves me desperate to find a hair stylist who can give me the perfect long and luxurious waves. I mean it, I’ve been telling my friends for years that when it comes to wedding hair I am going for one thing: Kardashian!
I found this photo on OnceWed and it’s pretty accurate:
For this I will also need extensions.
I’m not stressed (YET!) because this is my plan:
Sam and I are both going to need our hair done so we will hire the same hair & make up people. She can do a hair trial before we hire them, and if she’s happy then we book them. I will do my hair trial after I get these extensions I’ve been dreaming of (which may not even work out, I know nothing about being a high-maintenance lady) and we will wed, smooch and live happily ever after.
My only fear is that every time I have had my hair done as a bridesmaid and asked for waves, I’ve come out looking a little bit Toddlers & Tiaras. I secretly think that the the beauty team do this on purpose so the bride always gets to look the best though (is this crazy? It’s not) and maybe this time I will indeed get my Koveted Kardashian hair!
Have any hair + make up people to recommend? Or a great place for hair extensions?
Please e-mail me or drop a comment!