Wedding Salon Showcase

Yesterday afternoon Sam and I headed downtown to The Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street to check out a bridal showcase by The Wedding Salon. The place was packed and I was twice referred to as Sam’s “assistant.” We couldn’t figure out why, as we were both wearing our required entry stickers, which read “I’m a Bride.” Sam swore she wouldn’t wear her sticker outside but as we left I slapped mine on her chest and we made it all the way to Sixth Avenue before she peeled them off.


Sam near the entrance.

 Upon entry there were rows of bridal gowns by various designers. If this showcase is any indication of this year’s bridal trends some of these dresses were wild and over the top. Lots of tulle, shiny beading and sequins in unexpected places.  The models in the gowns were stunning, of course, but most of the dresses were just a bit much for simple gals like us. There was a row of elegant dresses on display from Michelle New York that I kept eyeing, with feminine lace and figure-flattering cuts, I gave them a long, final glance on our way out the door.

Some of what we tasted: Yummy Cakes by Kevaughn, custom colored black & white cookies (Sam’s favorite) by Nussbaum & Wu and gorgeous & tasty chocolate covered pretzels by Fatty Sundays & Co.


Don’t mind if I do.

There were plenty of spirits there too. I sipped on some Seagram’s Escapes malt beverages, tasted various champagnes and was introduced to Mercy Hangover Prevention, a canned beverage packed with vitamins that we were told  prevents hangovers. Currently our cans of Mercy are in our fridge. I will get some real answers after my next night of drinking, but I’m skeptical.

There were vendors everywhere, and tables showcasing varying décor. Some of the centerpieces were opulent, others understated, and our favorite was the elegantly rustic table of wildflowers in mason jars. I took a look at some lovely jewelry by Merry Alchemy and signed up for all kinds of raffles.


Rustic elegance.

I think the showcase was a success. Not only did we get to taste plenty of baked goods, and I do so love a baked good, but we are surer than ever that our own wedding will truly reflect our style. Seeing all the different gowns and centerpieces was a real reminder how different each couple’s tastes are, and the endless options when it comes to designing your own wedding.

We had a great time, and I’m looking forward to putting my can of Mercy to the test.