Cedar Lakes Estate

So I was going to be completely and totally adamant about having a two year engagement. Sam wanted to check out Cedar Lakes Estate after she randomly found it during one of her obsessive wedding internet searches, so we made arrangements to drive up in September. We even discussed whether or not we should bring the checkbook.

“We are not booking anything.” We both agreed.

Then we got there. Suddenly our wedding visions aligned. We also discovered the blob: Blob

We had never before agreed on what we both wanted for a wedding, but it was apparent to both of us that Cedar Lakes was the place. We chose a date that afternoon.

September 7th 2013.

(Blob weather)

When I think of all the possible things that can go wrong in wedding planning, I remember that if I get to marry Sam and if I get to go on the blob, the rest is cake.


Most brides these days have the go-to blogs they use to spark some wedding inspiration and/or waste time when they should be doing something else; in my case writing, reading, laundry, walking my dogs, or going to the gym. Currently my two favorites are greenweddingshoes.com and stylemepretty.com. (I’m also a perpetual visitor of nymag.com/weddings/)

But now that I am engaged to marry a girl (2 brides!) I’m getting tired of googling lesbian weddings (Though I will admit I’m a touch addicted to this tumblr: lesbianweddings.tumblr.com/)

That said, I am terrible at blogging. For a 27 year old female I know awfully little about social media (is blogging social media?) but I think that planning a wedding is going to be interesting, and I’d like to share it here.

If you’re a little patient, I will soon have our engagement video on display for the world to see (yup, sheLI8A0407¬†filmed it) as well as all the JOY of wedding planning (including photos of me in some spectacularly awful wedding gowns)

So stick around as Sam and I learn how to plan a lesbian wedding!