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    As I continue to build the site I will bombard you with elements of my own wedding. In the hopes that you get SO sick of it that you’ll SUBMIT YOURS.

    Our ceremony was exactly what Sam and I wanted it to be. Planning a wedding and choosing the decor and the music and the food is fantastic fun, but designing a unique ceremony for you and your fiancée is undeniably special, and it was one of our favorite parts of our wedding.

    First, we found our Celebrant, Elizabeth Phaire, from The Celebrant Foundation & Institute. It was a true pleasure to work with someone so capable and compassionate. She offered us a few ceremony options, and we chose the option that allowed for a completely unique ceremony. Elizabeth created a couple of drafts, which included the story of us, a tribute to Sam’s mom Penny, readings of our choice, and remarks from some of our family and friends.

    Today I’d like to tell you about our choices for readings during our ceremony. Sam and I enjoyed choosing them almost as much as we enjoyed listening to them at our wedding. They were certainly atypical, but that’s us!

    The first reading, given by Sam’s Aunt Lisa was “A Lovely Love Story” by Edward Monkton. This story is about two unlikely companions. (We made both dinosaurs girls in our version)

    Next, my dear friend Kate read an entry from my journal, which I wrote on January 19th 2005, when I was nineteen years old. This was maybe the strangest choice, but it outlined both my fear of falling in love with Sam, as well as my fear of not being with her. If I was going to showcase my vulnerability and have a wedding ceremony witnessed by family and friends, then I was going all the way.

    Next, our sister-in-law Jaine read the lyrics to “Hum Along” by Ludo, a favorite song of ours from early in our relationship.

    Our final reading was read by Sam’s friend Chris, who read an Irish blessing, “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You,” which paid homage to my heritage.

    Our readers were excellent and our readings really meant something to us, which made them both a special and indispensable element of our wedding ceremony.

    More from Elizabeth Phaire.


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