• Danielle and Heather met through a mutual friend four years ago. Says Heather, “I knew she was the one from the first day I laid eyes on her.”

    The Proposal

    Heather proposed to Danielle on July 17th 2015 in Ocean City, Maryland.

    Danielle: “During a summer vacation to Rehoboth Beach we decided to take a day trip to Ocean City in Maryland. The previous evening Heather had been giving me hints that a surprise was coming so I knew she had planned something.”

    Heather: Prior to our vacation I planned to have an airplane fly by with a banner that said, Danielle, Will you marry me?”

    Danielle: “All day at the beach Heather had pointed out almost every plane that flew by with a banner.”

    Heather: “We spent the afternoon on the beach and then the banner company texted me stating they were 10 minutes away.  Danielle already had an engagement ring so I had purchased two Pandora rings.”

    Danielle: “A plane flew by with a banner that really stuck out. To my surprise it read “Danielle will you marry me?” Of course I said “yes” and everyone sitting on the beach nearby was eager to know my answer.

    Heather: “I am terrible at surprises so she kind of had an idea something was going to happen.  She just didn’t know exactly what though.”

    Danielle: “I never really gave much thought to how I wanted to be proposed to but her idea was perfect.”

    The brides shot engagement photos with Kristin from 614 Wedding, and will be wed on September 16th 2017 at Heather’s dad’s house in Marysville, Ohio. Highlights below.











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