• Jessie and Katelyn are both from Kansas City, Missouri. They first met when Katelyn was 6 and Jessie was 9. Says Katelyn, “Jessie played on the same baseball team as my brother and was by far the best player on an all-boys team. I like to believe that I knew she was the one at 6 years old.”

    They played softball against each other in High School, when Katelyn was a freshman and Jessie was a senior. That year Katelyn was paralyzed in a car accident. Jessie heard about the accident but the girls hadn’t talked in a while because of their age difference.

    Says Katelyn, “Finally, when I was 19 and had just graduated I saw that Jessie went to Missouri State for softball and I decided to reach out. We spoke off and on for the next 3 years, then Jessie moved back to Kansas City after Grad school and I came home for the summer of my Junior year. That’s when we started dating. The rest is history!”

    Katelyn proposed to Jessie on November 29th 2014.

    Katelyn: “I rented a limo to pick up Jessie, and when they started to drive a proposal video came on in which all of our friends and family told her how much they approved of us getting married. The limo drove around the lake and stopped in front of walkway lit with candles that led down to a gazebo where I was waiting. Jessie walked down with tears running down her face and I told her that when I was in my car accident at 15 years old and became paralyzed, a part of me died that I never thought that I would get back, but that Jessie gave that back to me and I felt whole again… She said yes!”

    Jessie later counter-proposed to Katelyn by surprising her at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kansas City. The brides had an engagement shoot with Photos by Neyan and will be married on July 22nd 2017 at the Stone Creek in Independence, Missouri.

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