• As told by Kayla:

    “My wife Lauren and I ‘met’ on Tumblr because we followed each other’s blogs. We both liked to attend raves, and decided to meet in person. The first time I laid eyes on Lauren, we stood in a parking lot of a rave, and I handed her a tie-dye t-shirt I’d made for her for the occasion. It seemed like it was love at first sight. We spent the whole night together, talking, dancing, holding hands. It was magical. It was instantly a relationship, the fastest I’ve ever fallen in to one.

    Fast forward a few months. We’re at yet another rave, and I nearly tell her I love her. After jokingly admitting I almost slipped, she told me she loved me. Once again, it seemed like music and dancing really brought us together and allowed us to share our true feelings.

    Around that time, we decided to attend one of the largest Electronic Dance festivals in the country with a group of friends, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. It took months of planning to coordinate seventeen people to get from Texas to Vegas, and all of us were very excited. Somewhere in between planning, I got the itch to propose. I had been thinking of all the different ways I could propose to Lauren, and it just seemed right that it be at a music festival, surrounded by our friends.

    With a little help from our group, I went out and bought a ring, stored it in a pair of socks, and got it all the way to Vegas without her knowing. I chose a specific DJ group’s set, and our friends were beside themselves with excitement. I was sure they would give the surprise away!

    We stood in a sea of nearly 100,000 people while Above and Beyond played their song, ‘a thing called love’. As the lyrics “you live your life just once, so don’t forget about a thing called love” played, I slid a bracelet (known as Kandi in the rave scene) on to her wrist that said ‘marry me’, knelt, and said the only thing I could think of. “MARRY ME!” She was totally and utterly taken by surprise. She cried, and accepted, and we spent the rest of our night dancing.

    We got married in February of 2016, and used that same song to walk down the aisle. We figured since dance music was such a huge part of our lives, it would be a big part of our ceremony too.”

    Below, some highlights from Kayla’s proposal, as well as a photo from their wedding day, captured by Rob Sawyer Photography.


  • Katye S. Nix-Gomez

    Kayla….I am SO proud to call you my little cousin!!! I love you with ALL my heart and soul. The love you have, your spirit, EVERYTHING about you!!! You are AWESOME! You don’t know just how happy it makes my heart to know that not only have you found and married the love of your life, but that you are truly living your “happy ever after….”!!! I love you…I will always love you….and will always be here for you. I know your father is looking down from above and taking care of you….don’t doubt for a single moment that he is partly responsible for so much of your happiness. He LOVED you and your sister! I know he would love Lauren all the same. Congratulations! Continue to live each day to its fullest!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! (I just can’t say it enough?!!)

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