Do lesbian couples ever have a traditional ceremony?

From Master Life-Cycle Celebrant® and Interfaith Minister Elizabeth Phaire:

I haven’t had any request a strictly traditional ceremony, in the religious sense. The structure of the ceremony may have a traditional feel to it, but usually includes a mix of traditional and creative elements.

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Who walks down the aisle first?

This was the #1 question I received when planning my own wedding. Friends and family were curious about the entire planning process, but they were stumped as to how we would make it down the aisle … and to be honest, so were we.

Neither one of us wanted to wait for the other. As brides, we both wanted to arrive in a traditional way, which to us meant being escorted down the aisle by our fathers. Finally, we agreed to come from either direction, forming something of a ‘V’ and meeting to join for the ceremony. Some guests still weren’t satisfied. “But how will we know which one of you to look at?” We assured them they had the entire ceremony to look at both of us.

Many of the weddings I’ve attended did not follow traditional aisle protocol, even if there was both a bride and a groom. I believe that it’s entirely up to the couple to decide how they would like to enter their ceremony.

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