Mar 22

November 5th 2016

Pittsboro, North Carolina

Amanda and Jayme met at Vanderbilt Medical Center in 2014. After they had rounded on patients, Amanda noted that Jayme “stared at her longer than straight girls stare.” Amanda took that as a good sign and asked Jayme out on a date the next week. Say the brides, “We’ve been together ever since.”

The brides planned a morning wedding with their closest friends and family. “Our biggest priority for the reception was having breakfast food because it is our favorite meal of the day.”

Neither bride had bridesmaids, but they did include their favorite dogs as escorts, and nieces and nephews as flower girls and ring bearers.  Both brides were escorted down the aisle by their dads. Says Jayme, “We went back and forth on this because we were both nervous to go first. At the end of the day, Amanda took one for the team and said she’d be the first down the aisle. It was so special, and it would have been perfect either way.” Rev. Barbara Lodge conducted the ceremony, and both the brides and their guests agreed she was fabulous.

Wedding Song: “Come Home” by One Republic and Sara Bareilles

Amanda heard the song while they were dating and it reminded her of their relationship. Say the brides, “We wanted something a little different that would always be unique to us. We danced to it a million times in our kitchen before the big day, and it always felt right.” Jayme and Amanda had a first dance at the beginning of the reception. “We were both nervous about it, considering we’ve never slow danced in front of many of our guests, but it was a truly special moment. We felt like the only people in the room.”

Amanda’s Favorite Moment: “When we said our vows to each other. We did a combination of personal vows and planned vows. It was special to share those words in front of our closest friends and family.”

Jayme’s Favorite Moment: “The minutes we had alone right before the reception began. Everyone had moved to the reception area, and we were just waiting around. We got to be alone for the first time in what felt like weeks, and it was so great to know we were finally married.”

The brides say they wouldn’t change a thing about their wedding day and they offer a piece of advice: “Do your wedding exactly as you want it. We stayed true to what we wanted, which was a morning wedding with breakfast food, and we have no regrets. It is your day and it will be perfect.”

“Come home, Come home, ‘Cause I’ve been waiting for you For so long.”

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