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June 30th, 2016

Boulder, Colorado

Christa and Jodi met at speech camp ten years ago, and have since both completed graduate school and become speech-language pathologists. The couple didn’t begin dating until about three years after they met. Say the brides, “We spent those few years on the phone getting to know one another better. We both come from large Catholic families (Jodi has five siblings and Christa has four) and had similar upbringings, so we had a lot in common.”

After two-and-a-half years of long-distance dating, Christa moved to Denver to be with Jodi. Says Jodi, “Since we knew we couldn’t get married in our church, but still wanted our church to be a part of our union, Christa decided to propose there.  After I accepted, we climbed the church bell tower in a death-defying act and took some selfie engagement photos.” About six weeks later Jodi proposed to Christa in front of the house they had just purchased together.

The brides decided not to have wedding escorts since they were making the commitment for themselves, so they created three aisles: Two to walk down separately and one to walk together after their ceremony. The brides focused on their loved ones who chose to be present and support their union. “We passed our rings through the aisles before we exchanged them so that everyone had a chance to touch and/or bless them. Our rings are not only symbols of our commitment to one another, but symbols of the entire community of love surrounding us.”

Wedding Song: “True Love Avenue” by Kristina Train.

Christa and Jodi chose a song from “Jenny’s Wedding,” a film about a Catholic woman struggling to talk to her family about marrying another woman. The brides say that there were several parts they could relate to, and they really loved the song.

The brides also had a first dance to “XO” by Beyonce because they loved the upbeat rhythm.

Christa’s Favorite Moment: “The first was when we passed our rings through the crowd. Jodi and I stood at the front and held hands, and we got to make eye contact with each of our guests as they received the bowl and touched our rings.  It was very special to acknowledge everyone’s presence at our ceremony. The second was the last song on the dance floor. It somehow broke into a spontaneous group dance with everyone in a giant circle.  As the song was ending, the circle collapsed, and the evening ended with a spontaneous group hug on the dance floor.”

Jodi’s Favorite Moment: “The collective evening from getting ready, the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception. The moments all built upon one another for the perfect day. I think the whole day of overwhelming love and celebration cannot be separated into moments for me.”

Christa and Jodi had a dressmaker customize wedding gowns for both of them, and they each used material from the other’s dress in her own. They also had a lot of DIY decorative elements, like the ribbons hanging from their arch, fabric flowers for their bouquets and centerpieces. Instead of having a traditional cake the brides chose to have ice cream and food trucks parked at the venue. The brides also combined their last names to create a unique name for them as a family. Finally, the brides insist that their wedding was extra special because of the people who were part of their day. Say the brides, “In the end, everyone who was there was actively choosing to celebrate with us, which contributed to the overall feeling of love and joy in every moment.”



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