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August 14th, 2016

Long Beach, Washington

Sarah—An artist and senior general manager at GAP Inc. in Seattle—and Kate—A ballet instructor and development coordinator for Spaceworks—met in Tacoma, Washington at yoga. They were friends for over two years, and this friendship grew into love. Sarah proposed to Kate at sunset on the beaches of Isla Mujeres, Mexico in August of 2015. Kate said yes.

Says Sarah, “Being an artist and a creator I loved every aspect of wedding planning.” She hand made much of the wedding décor. “At our alter we were surrounded by succulents from our parents’ gardens and wood stumps that we collected during our adventures together.” Kate and Sarah had a “Bride Tribe” instead of bridesmaids, and Sarah designed and painted their tee-shirts, which she says came out “better than anything we could have bought.” The Bride Tribe helped with every aspect of wedding set-up and breakdown. Says Kate, “They were so helpful, and also helped us save a ton of money.” Loved ones also helped design and create items like the alter décor and the wedding cake.

The day before the wedding the brides gathered with their guests to play by the ocean together. “We went to the beach, the arcade, go carts, bonfire, played music. It felt like a weekend away with everyone we loved.”

The brides decided to have a cocktail party in the ceremony space that only Sarah attended. Says Kate, “Our dear friend Kim began to play music and guests took their seats. Sarah came to the alter space we had created, and my dad walked me to the ceremony.” The brides also included their mothers by having them hold the rings, and they began the ceremony with bouquets of freshly cut sunflowers. “We gave each sunflower away to an important female in our lives: mothers, grandmother, cousins and step moms.”

Wedding songs: Jason Mraz’s “I won’t give up” played while Kate walked down the aisle, and the brides had a first dance to Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love.”

The brides love attending the concerts of Kim Archer—who performed at their wedding—so they chose songs that they loved hearing her play live. Say the brides, “We had an epic first dance! We wanted to dance with everyone, thinking people would come and join us on the dance floor, but all of our guests came up and unexpectedly made a huge circle around us, arms wrapped around everyone, singing the song and swaying back and forth.”

Kate’s Favorite Moment: “Prior to the wedding our Bride Tribe did an energy clearing in the space. We all gathered noise makers, shakers, bells, and walked a path around the wedding space. This cleared the energy and made the space feel like ours. After this, they circled around us and mediated for a few minutes. It was a powerful moment filled with great female energy, and well wishes shared. Sarah and I felt like we were already married after this! And the day was just beginning.”

 Sarah’s Favorite Moment: “I agree with Kate, I loved the pre-wedding energy clearing with our amazing bride tribe. It was truly a beautiful experience. Beyond that I also loved every moment of seeing the people that we loved as they arrived to a location that we have visited so often and love so much. Having everyone together at the ocean for an entire weekend was an unforgettable experience for me.”

After dinner there was a huge bonfire by the ocean and everyone lit floating lanterns. The brides gifted all of their guests succulents with “let love grow” written on a brown flag in the pot. “We now see these succulents growing in friends’ homes when we visit, which is sweet.” Say the brides, “We were both highly involved in every decision and creative aspect of the wedding. Working so intimately on every detail together and having it all turn out so perfectly was a truly beautiful experience we will always treasure.”

  • Cindy Brown

    This wedding looks like so much fun. I love the bicycle shots.
    The black and white ceremony photo is totally awesome.
    Great wedding. Great photos!

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