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August 6th, 2016


Sara and Michelle met in Burlington while Sara was in HESA getting her master’s degree and Michelle was looking at UVM’s grad program. During the first round of interviews Michelle tried talking to Sara. Says Michelle, “Sara was pretty snarky and rude and we went our separate ways.” A year later they were once again in the same room at UVM, but this time Sara found her heart fluttering in her chest. “I almost dropped a sheet cake big enough to feed 100 people when I saw Michelle across the room,” she says.

When Michelle gave her a ride home that night, Sara was so flustered she slipped on ice and fell getting out of the car. “Michelle still won’t let me live it down.” The following weeks saw them talking all the time and spending as much time together as possible, until eventually they were a full-blown couple. Two years later Sara surprised Michelle with a diamond ring and a proposal, and a few months later Michelle counter-proposed.

The couple planned a wedding at Sara’s parents’ 10-acre farm in Briones Valley. Sara wore a strapless gown and Michelle wore a custom three-piece suit. Say the brides, “We chose to have a first look which was amazing and would have to be our favorite part of the day. Being able to see each other for the first time on our wedding day with no one else but us, was beautiful and perfect.” The brides walked to the ceremony together. “It was really important for us to start forever together so we stepped through the door together and walked each other down the aisle.”

Sara and Michelle had a friend officiate the wedding and another friend paint their ketubah. It was important to them to include family and friends in their wedding ceremony.

Wedding song:Drunk on Your Love,” by Brett Eldridge

 Say the brides, “We wanted something fun and representative of us. We heard it in the car one day and both just started singing at the top of our lungs. It made perfect sense. We smile every time we hear it and just stop everything to sing along together.” The brides add that their first dance was amazing.

Sara and Michelle incorporated their love of “To Infinity and Beyond” into their day, and they both agree that “the day as a whole was everything we could have asked for and more.”















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