Old Hollywood Glam, I am not.

There are some women who might look stunning in this gown, many women actually, but I am not one of them. What I loved about this gown was its old Hollywood glamour. I imagined this on a tall waif of a gal with a blonde bob. This dress hugged me in all the wrong places and my mother demanded I remove it.


I did. But not before striking this ridiculous pose.


Sadly this was never a contender, but it is still a lovely and elegant dress with an art deco flair, a gem for the right lady. This was also definitely too small for me, and pretty beat up. I know I’m lucky that I can be squeezed into a lot of these samples, but I had to ask: What happens when bigger women come in to try on dresses, as a lot of sample gowns just fit me. Ever the Bridal Consultant, she found a delicate way to tell me that they rip apart a lot of these dresses shoving women into them. Or they don’t get all the way into them. Finding a dress that I couldn’t even squeeze into certainly wouldn’t make me feel like a beautiful bride or make me want to spend thousands of dollars. Oh well.

Photo Practice

Some couples take engagement photos. We are no such couple. There was simply no possible way for us to take engagement photos without looking completely ridiculous.

So when Grazia got in touch with us to do a photo shoot (Yes, we’re just going to ride this totally weird wave) we thought, “Why not!?”

Turns out we really needed the practice. Our wedding photos should certainly be interesting because we had no idea what we were doing. Where to look? Smile? Walk? Stand still?


We haven’t seen the final product, but if nothing else I bet they’ll be funny. We got to work with amazing women who were really fun to spend an afternoon with, and they made us feel as comfortable as we possibly could in such an odd situation.


More to come on this we hope …