Wedding Hair.

So I’ve looked at plenty of blogs and seen plenty of wedding hair. I know that an updo is smart; there’s no hassle, it looks great on most women and you don’t have to worry about your hair for the rest of the day. Both my sister Katy and my sister-in-law Jaine did updos and theirs looked amazing: (Jaine is above, Katy below)

Unfortunately for me, I don’t look very good with my hair up, not to mention my little left ear issue, which leaves me desperate to find a hair stylist who can give me the perfect long and luxurious waves. I mean it, I’ve been telling my friends for years that when it comes to wedding hair I am going for one thing: Kardashian!
I found this photo on OnceWed and it’s pretty accurate:
For this I will also need extensions.
I’m not stressed (YET!) because this is my plan:
Sam and I are both going to need our hair done so we will hire the same hair & make up people. She can do a hair trial before we hire them, and if she’s happy then we book them. I will do my hair trial after I get these extensions I’ve been dreaming of (which may not even work out, I know nothing about being a high-maintenance lady) and we will wed, smooch and live happily ever after.
My only fear is that every time I have had my hair done as a bridesmaid and asked for waves, I’ve come out looking a little bit Toddlers & Tiaras. I secretly think that the the beauty team do this on purpose so the bride always gets to look the best though (is this crazy? It’s not) and maybe this time I will indeed get my Koveted Kardashian hair!
Have any hair + make up people to recommend? Or a great place for hair extensions?
Please e-mail me or drop a comment!