You’ve Got Mail

Last year when one of my dearest friends got married I squealed and texted her as soon as I saw her invitation in my mailbox. I’m feeling that same excitement today because our invitations are now in the hands of the United States Postal Service, and I think Sam said it best, “I wish we could put little cameras in these envelopes so we could watch everyone open them!”

Breck Hofstetter and the amazing staff at Sesame Letter Press worked with us tirelessly to make an exquisite invitation suite. We’re calling it rustic elegant. Liz from Tucci Cursive completed the look with her incredible calligraphy and cute¬†Zazzle stamps brought the whole thing together. I’ll include some close-ups of the invitations later, I just don’t want to spoil the excitement for our family and friends who will be seeing them in the coming days. (Mostly the excitement is mine and Sam’s, I’m sure, but still, I don’t want to spoil it)


Organized brides. That is us. Mostly Sam, but marriage will make us a team.

So we put aside a couple of hours this afternoon and spread everything out over the kitchen table. When Sam, in her panic and excitement, took five full minutes to stuff one envelope, I realized that we would need wine.


Booze really brings a table together

Once I was back at the table we stamped the response envelopes and the invitation envelopes, organized all of the included pieces and went through our guest list. It was time-consuming work but the result was a few large piles of beautiful wedding invitations.


All done!

We walked to the post office where we filled the mailbox, then went inside to buy stamps for our international guests, and voila! We were finished. Invitations in the mail by Friday afternoon.


Not my best look, but yay, I’m mailing letters!

Now I’m looking forward to the next step, chasing everyone down for those response cards …


We thought it would be cute to have personalized stamps for our save-the-dates, so we ordered these from Since our save-the-dates won’t actually say “save the date!” (Even though it’s quite obvious) we thought these were a nice complement.

We’ll show you our save-the-dates another time. They’re simple and fun, and since we’re going to go ahead with some fancy invitations, these were a good place to save some money and keep it ladiback. More to come on those later. I cannot even believe it’s already time to start sending them out. This is all flying by!

For now, check out the stamps:


Apologies for the poor quality of the photo.