Q&A with Samantha

Though I could go on and on about my wedding gown, let’s hear how Sam’s look came together:

A few questions for my beautiful bride.

Did you ever have a vision for your wedding gown?

Yes. I wanted something that was messy, something a little different, with a haphazard elegance, something that wasn’t the traditional white wedding gown.

Did you always know you wanted to wear a pale nude or blush color?

Yes, I didn’t know which exactly, but I knew my dress wouldn’t be white.

What did you think about me wearing a green dress and did this influence your own choice of wedding gown?

Although I never planned to wear white, when you told me about the green dress at first I was a little like, “uh oh, what if I don’t like her dress, will I be able to pretend?” Then I realized that whatever you wanted I would be happy with … then I tried on a pink and black dress at Vera Wang that I loved, but I knew it wouldn’t look good with you in a green dress …


Our first look


But then you got over it?

Yes, I found a dress I liked even more.

And because you’re crazy in love with me?

Yes, I worship the ground you walk on*

Why did you want to go to Vera Wang?

I’m not one of those girls that has the patience for  a Kleinfelds where it’s dress after dress after dress. I knew Vera Wang was the designer that had the type of dress I wanted, so I didn’t waste time anywhere else.

(I actually took Sam’s Kleinfelds appointment and brought my friend Kate with me. We had a great time)

How many dresses did you seriously consider?


How did you know this dress was the one?

Part of me wanted the black and blush one because it was so different, and I knew my mom would have loved it …  the blush color really got me. Then my aunt went to the bathroom and snooped around a bit, and she found my dress in the back. I agreed to try it on based on the color, but when I put it on we knew, this dress was perfect.

How was your experience with Vera Wang?

Amazing. They were on top of everything and it was a positive experience. The only time it sucked was when I went back for my second appointment, to try on her spring collection. I was sick, it was winter, and I had to wait almost an hour for my appointment. It was frustrating but then I found my dress that day.

 Tell  us about your headpiece.


Sam and her dad before the ceremony.

My headpiece was my mom’s from her 1981 wedding. It is a satin piece with Swarovski crystals hanging down. My whole life I knew I would wear it. When I was young and my mom would show me her dress we always talked about how I would wear it someday when I got married … I was worried because the headpiece was white and I didn’t think it would work with my dress. Then Talia, a stylist at Vera Wang, told me about a millinery in the east village. She said that the owner, Vashti de Verteuil  could dye it to match exactly. I was so excited and so nervous.

What was the name of the millinery?

Gallery Vercon. She was amazing.

What kind of jewelry did you wear and how did you decide on it?

I wanted my mom to be as much a part of the wedding as possible, so I wore a pair of her double diamond drop earrings. I also wanted the dress to speak for itself, so I didn’t wear a necklace. I wore three hammered rose gold bangles by Gorjana and the rose gold infinity bracelet that you gave me. On my right hand I wore my mom’s sapphire and diamond ring that I had reset a couple of years ago.

What did you think of the end result?

I looked like a fairy princess. I looked gorgeous!  I’m not somebody who necessarily has high expectations of the way I look, so even though I had a perfect picture in my mind, I lowered my expectations a little bit, but then every part from dress to headpiece to make up to hair was incredible. Once the headpiece was on the look was complete. This was my vision from day one. I was stunned.

*This response is a lie I made up. Because it’s my blog.

My First REAL Post-Wedding Post

I always knew that I would keep blogging after the wedding … for a while at least. I can keep this thing going for at least a year sharing every bewitching detail of our extraordinary wedding weekend. The problem is this: Where the hell do I start?

Sam and I were married over a week ago and the whole thing still feels like a fever dream.  There were vows. There was music. There were toasts, dancing, tears and laughter, and there was food. But we did not simply “eat.” We feasted. There was delicious everything. There was too much booze! There were instagrams. Let’s start there. If you’re on instagram check out #2brides2be for some stunning, funny, and wild pictures, many of which include the following hashtags:  #bestweddingfoodever #teamsemon #teamgoettlich  #highflying #perfectceremony #signofagreatwedding #eatingmyfaceoff #beautifulbrides #somuchlove #2gorgeous2believe #aephine #theblob #kegsnkickball #campabby  #theroyalwedding #afterparty #theythoughtofeverything #besttoastever #whiteparty #lifeisbutadream #zipline #kegstand … you get the idea, right?

There were also two dresses. Nay, these were not dresses. These were glamorous gowns. Sam not only wore a heart-stopping, whimsical gown in pale nude called the Diedre by Vera Wang, but she had the headpiece that her mom wore to her own wedding in 1981 custom-dyed to match. We took a selfie just before the ceremony. I cropped myself out so you can see a close-up of Sam’s gorgeous headpiece.


She looked like a fairy princess, and I got to marry her.


Sam approaching me for our “first look”

My gown was custom made by the insanely talented, incredibly patient and sweetest woman I have ever  had the pleasure to work with. Kathryn Conover worked with me to create my custom, dream, couture gown. I went into wedding planning knowing that I was going to wear green. I shared this with only a few people. I’ve always loved the idea of a dark emerald green gown, and though some friends and family probably thought it was crazy, they knew I’d make it work. My next post will be all about my dreamy one-of-a-kind wedding gown and how it came to be.

In the meantime here we are in a whimsical snapshot, walking away as newlyweds from our ceremony to the acoustic version of “I Kissed a Girl” sung by the talented Christine Tambakis of Tangled Vine. More to come, including every detail about the music, the venue, and the food. It was all too perfect to believe. Thank God I have the photos.


Wives in the woods!

The Princess Bride

Long before she picked her dress, I had a sneaking suspicion that my beautiful bride was planning to wear Vera Wang for our upcoming nuptials. When we got engaged and I spent hours looking at dresses online (annoying her and often waking her up to see one as she tried to sleep). I could just tell that she’d look amazing in a ball gown. Me, however, we knew I’d look ridiculous in one, but come on, what bride doesn’t want to try on one of those big poofy princess gowns?

While I was dress shopping at Bergdorf’s with my mom and sister, I tried on one dress that literally stood up on its own (We didn’t take a photo of that one, sadly, because we didn’t know we were allowed) Before we left though, I was sure to put on a big Vera Wang. As you can see, I looked terrible. I am 5’11” and I looked about 4’9″. Still, it was fun.Image

I may have twirled. Once. Twice.


She Chose a Dress!!

I’m not allowed to know much of anything about The Dress, but I am told that this one was a major contender, until she tried on The Dress. She tells me that they all knew, including her, the moment she put it on. I cannot even wait to see her on September 7th.


If she looks even half as good as she looks in this one, then I am definitely getting upstaged at our wedding, and I don’t even mind!!