Hors D’Oeuvre Excitement!

Sometimes I worry that by blogging I will give away all the details of our wedding, and we will have nothing left with which to surprise our guests, but I just can’t help myself, it’s hard not to share something you’re so excited about. If you know me and Sam, we’ll still manage to have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Food, for instance, is going to be bountiful. If I get to eat half of what we have planned, I will still be one full bride. Getting married early in September means that we get to combine some summer flavors with the upcoming fall flavors, and what’s better than that?

These two hors d’oeuvres really excite me!


Watermelon, feta & mint skewers



Roasted butternut squash skewers with apple goat cheese & toasted pumpkin seeds.

I hope our guests come prepared to eat. (and drink and dance!)