• Taylor and Lexa started dating when they were teenagers, and say that they’ve grown more in love every single day.

    Proposal Date: December 16th, 2016 at Columbia Riverwalk in South Carolina.

    Taylor contacted Jessica Hunt to help plan a surprise proposal for Lexa. Says Jessica, “We planned to meet at a location where they could be close to the river here in Columbia, South Carolina. Taylor and I planned to surprise Lexa about halfway through their session, so we could have time to photograph them together after Taylor popped the question. Our plan was this: Taylor would put the ring in my camera bag when Lexa was not looking, and we would shoot as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Just a casual couple’s session… or so Lexa thought! I told Taylor I would get Lexa alone in front of my camera down by the river, give Taylor the signal, and let her walk up behind Lexa to pop the question. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch!”

    Photos by Jessica Hunt Photography below.

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