• Most brides know what they do want on their wedding day, but how about what they don’t want? Here’s one thing I knew for sure, something I think many of you will agree with. I did not want to be wearing anything constricting beneath my wedding gown. Seriously, as a girl who wears a lace thong nearly every single day, this was the one day I wanted comfort.

    I didn’t know quite what that meant but searched for the perfect undergarment. Two years later and I’ve finally discovered TomboyX, a company that caters to the cool, self-confident tomboy. We love featuring a bride who is¬†committed to two things: 1) Her bride 2) Being herself.

    TomboyX makes underwear, outerwear and accessories for these women. And we love that. And them.

    I got my hands on a set of their undies: The Pride Tank & Boxer Briefs. My wife has already stolen the tank, and once she wrangles me out of the briefs I think she’ll steal those too. They’re the perfect undergarment for women who prefer boxer briefs, and for us lacey thong wearing fools, they’re super comfy for slipping into for snuggling up on the couch with the¬†pups. (Because that’s what we all really wanna do 24/7, right?)

    Just because you’re a bride-to-be doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort, so keep TomboyX in mind as something sexy and comfy for beneath your wedding suit, and yes, even your gown. They ship quickly, they’re packaged with care, you can check out photos below and find them online HERE.



    I love getting packages!

    Especially ones with goodies and nice notes.

    Especially ones with goodies and nice notes.


    My selection.


    Comfort & style for everyone.

    This post was sponsored by TomboyX.

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