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Katie & Stormie's Proposal & Engagement Session

Katie is originally from Reno, Nevada and comes from a large family. Stormie was born and raised in San Diego, California, which is where Katie eventually moved for post-graduate school. They both have Maltipoos—Stormie actually has two. The brides say they instantly connected because they have so much in common. Stormie adds, “Although Katie will give you some wild and crazy story about how we met, we did as most ‘I really like my life but I also like to cuddle‘ lesbians do: online.” They add that from their first date eating Thai food to now planning a wedding, their love has been effortless.

Proposal Date: December 17, 2016.

Stormie proposed to Katie at the San Diego Botanical Gardens during the Garden of Lights event for the Christmas season.

Katie: “I knew that Stormie and I had a future together, I just needed to be patient until she was ready. Her birthday is in December, so I planned a bunch of fun activities for us to do throughout the month. For each activity, I secretly invited Stormie’s friends to come along to surprise her.”

Stormie: “I knew how important it was to Katie that her parents were supportive of our relationship, so I wrote them a letter—they live in Reno—to ask them for their blessing. I wanted some sort of personal touch, so I enlisted one of Katie’s sisters to hand deliver it. Needless to say, I received their blessing to propose to the love of my life. Then I decided how, when, and where to propose. Katie had planned a bunch of birthday activities for me in December, including a visit to The Garden of Lights. Katie loves gardens and I love Christmas lights. It was perfect!”

Katie: “I invited Stormie’s best friend and her husband to join us for our trip to the Botanical Gardens. Little did I know the surprise was on me. The Garden of Lights was amazing: Hot cocoa, carriage rides, s’mores and bonfires. We were looking for a place to take Christmas pictures when everyone got weird. They all became super interested in where we were going to take the photos.”

Stormie: “According to Katie, I wasn’t myself. She could sense something was off with me but had no idea what. After scouring the garden, I found the perfect spot. I pulled Katie to the side and asked if I could read her a letter I wrote.”

Katie: “Stormie pulled out her letter. We’ve been writing love letters to each other ever since.”

Stormie: “As I finished reading my letter, I got down on one knee and asked Katie to marry me. To my greatest happiness, she said yes.”

The brides took engagement photos (below) with Paul Douda at Felicita County Park in May. They will be married on April 14th 2018.

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