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Cassie & Lisa's Bright White Wedding

June 18th, 2016

Franklin Grove, Il

Cassie—an emergency dispatcher with a degree in criminal justice—and Lisa—a US Army veteran and elementary school PE teacher with a Master’s in education—met at the gym where they both took kettle ball classes. Say the brides, “We quickly became close friends, talking and hanging out whenever possible, and our friendship grew into something much deeper.”

After a month of friendship and three months of dating, Cassie proposed on June 16th 2015. Though she planned to propose in July on a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, her excitement got the best of her and she proposed within a week of purchasing a ring. Says Lisa, “She played our favorite song, “Giving it All to You” by Haley & Michaels, and she lit candles and scattered rose petals on the ground. We danced under the stars and as the song ended Cassie got down on one knee and asked me to marry her.” In July when they took their trip to North Carolina they re-staged the proposal for a photo shoot, which also allowed their children—Kayden, 5 and Kendall, 6—to witness the proposal.

The brides planned a rustic June 2016 wedding at Lincoln Way Inn and Bed & Breakfast. Their children were flower girl and ring bearer, and the brides were escorted down the aisle by their dads. Say the brides, “They handed us off to each other and we walked the rest of the way together.”

Wedding Song:Giving it All to You” by Haley & Michaels.

Cassie’s Favorite Moment: “Singing to Lisa while we danced to our song, while everyone stared in awe at how beautiful she looked. For that 3 minutes and 55 seconds it was just me and Lisa. I didn’t see or hear anyone because I was so lost in the moment I was sharing with my wife.”

Lisa’s Favorite Moment: Our “sneak peek” time. Cassie and I spend every second together because when we are apart my heart longs for her. Although we had been texting all day I missed her so incredibly much. I wanted and needed to feel her next to me. The moment she reached around that door and held my hand I was so overwhelmed with love and happiness. I remember squeezing her hand and crying because I had missed her so much. It was an amazing moment, and one I will never forget.”

Lisa also says that watching Cassie’s father/daughter dance was another favorite memory. “Towards the end of their dance the song changed to “Baby Got Back” and she and her dad were shaking it on the dance floor. It was absolutely hilarious and speaks loudly to the close but fun relationship they share.

Rather than surrounding themselves with wedding vendors, the brides say that friends and family helped plan every aspect of their special day. The brides rented out the inn so their nearest and dearest could stay with them.

Say the brides, “There isn’t a moment or a detail we would change. Our love has been amazing from the start and we were so blessed to have our wedding day speak to our incredible love.”

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