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Kelli & Maggie's Lake House Love Story

May 23rd 2015

Canandaigua Lake, NY

Kelli spotted Maggie while out with her friends in Provincetown, MA over Memorial Day weekend 2011. The two had mutual friends and although Kelli didn’t admit this for a long time, she’d seen Maggie on Facebook prior to their meeting and was disappointed to find that Maggie lived so far from her and was in a relationship at the time. But in P-Town, Maggie was single, and the girls’ friends were trying awkwardly to hook them up. Finally, Kelli worked up some courage to talk to her and offered to buy Maggie a drink, but her wallet was empty and she had to borrow the cash to pay for it. Still, Kelli managed to procure a Corona Light for Maggie and a future mail order bride for herself.

The couple maintained a long-distance relationship for a year while Kelli finished graduate school on Long Island and Maggie began nursing school in Syracuse. A year later Kelli moved up to Syracuse where the couple lived for two years, becoming engaged in September 2013.

Maggie is a pediatric nurse and Kelli works as a youth advocate with at-risk urban high school students. The couple are self-proclaimed foodies who love to cook and eat, as well as spend time with family and friends. They love traveling and seeking new adventures together with their Black Lab/Pitbull mix, Vinny. The newlyweds recently purchased a house in Rochester and will be moving at the end of summer.

The brides planned a late spring wedding in upstate New York, at Maggie’s family home on Lake Canandaigua. The brides skipped the popular “first look,” preferring instead to see each other for the first time during the ceremony, which took place surrounding the gazebo where Kelli proposed to Maggie.

Kelli: We did an Irish tradition called “Warming of the Rings” during the ceremony. Our wedding bands were passed around the audience so they could instill their love and positivity into our wedding bands before we put them on.

Kelli’s Favorite Moment: Watching Maggie walk down the aisle while I waited at the altar.

Maggie’s Favorite Moment: Having all our friends and family together as I married the love of my life.

Both brides danced with their dads separately—Kelli and her dad: Tupelo Honey by Van Morisson, Maggie and her dad: Your Smiling Face by James Taylor—then switched partners and did a separate dance together with their fathers-in-law to Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Cocktail hour took place on the home’s wrap-around porch followed by a tented reception on the tennis court. The bridal party was introduced to the song Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars and the brides were introduced to I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry, amid the cheering and clapping of 185 guests. A family-style dinner followed.

Wedding Song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

The brides remember this as the happiest day of their lives and wouldn’t change a thing.

Maggie’s dress hangs in front of the fireplace awaiting its big moment.

Maggie’s bridal party in petal pink.

Kelli’s party in mercury.

Escorted by her parents, Kelli leads the way, revealing stunning detail on the back of her gown.

Maggie and her parents follow close behind.

As the brides clasp hands Maggie’s face captures the excitement of this moment.

A little laughter during the ceremony keeps the mood light.

A beautiful shot of their perfect moment.

And a kiss makes it official.

Maggie and Kelli celebrate the first seconds of their marriage.

The brides begin the recessional, hand in hand, with smiling faces.

There’s always time to kiss your wife.

Kelli explains: “My sleeve of tattoos of flowers all represent something that relates to Maggie.”

The view is breathtaking.

And as the sun dips low Maggie and Kelli share a look of love.

These two are hitched and it’s time to celebrate!

Cocktail hour in perfect weather.

“The airbrush design on the bar matched our invitation suite package,” report the brides.

The bright white beauty of their tented reception.

The brides take the floor for their first dance.

A moment of laughter during the toasts.

As you can see, “Our wedding song is tattooed on my left inner bicep,” says Kelli.

The party lasts into the night, with the brides on the dance floor, never more than a short reach away from each other.

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