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Jackie & Jenny’s Proposal Story

Jenny and Jackie, both lifelong residents of Washington, each grew up with a love of softball. When Jenny was asked to help coach her high school softball team she met Jackie at her first practice. Jackie was an elementary school teacher at the time. Says Jenny, “We both shared a love for softball and coaching kids.” Many nights of practice and team travel helped the couple develop a special friendship. Along with Jackie’s father Rick the couple coached together for five years. Say the couple, “After being inseparable best friends for two years our love blossomed into something that nobody could deny.” Jackie and Jenny live together in Lacey, WA with their four dogs.

 The Proposal:

Jackie proposed on Christmas Eve 2015 and Jenny followed on Christmas Day in Maui, Hawaii.

Jenny: We were headed to Maui for Christmas with Jackie’s parents, and every part of me was wishing she would propose during the trip. She had me thinking financially there was no way we could afford a ring or a wedding, so I thought it might not happen. Little did she know I had been hiding a ring for a couple months. I knew Jackie wanted to propose first but I also knew I wouldn’t leave her without a ring or the experience of being proposed to.

Jackie: The plan was to take Jenny on a romantic dinner cruise on Christmas Eve. The weather was beautiful, I was nervous … everything was going according to plan. Then fate threw us a different plan. The dinner cruise had been cancelled. Frantic, I called around to get reservations. We had an amazing sunset dinner right on the water at Lahaina Fish Company. While eating, I remembered an perfect little beach in the middle of town and thought that had to be the place to propose.

Jenny: When we realized our cruise was cancelled Jackie and her parents were frantic trying to find us a place to go to dinner, and I kept telling all of them we should just go to a family dinner somewhere. Jackie’s parents dropped us at Lahaina Fish Company and we were seated at the best spot, overlooking the water. The sun was setting and it was beautiful. Jackie had about three drinks, and I was giggling on the inside because she normally wouldn’t spend that much on cocktails. After dinner she took me for a walk on the beach and told me to sit down. Then she handed me a present.

Jackie: I told her I had an early Christmas present for her. She unwrapped it and immediately burst into tears as she read the words, “Will You Marry Me?” inside the box with her ring. Luckily, she said “yes.”

Jenny: All I could do was cry hysterically. I was so surprised and overwhelmed with happiness. A couple moments later her parents came running up to hug us and then I called my family, who of course knew the whole time, although I still could not talk to them because I was crying my eyes out. It was the best night ever!

Jackie: The next morning at the crack of dawn Jenny asked me to go on a walk with her. Although I am not a morning person, I could not pass up the chance to spend the morning with my new fiancée on the beach in paradise. As we sat on the beach watching the waves roll in and out I turned to face her and she had a ring in my face. I was so shocked and excited I couldn’t find my words.

Jenny: Jackie was reluctant to go to the beach because she loves her sleep. Once there I told her how much I loved her, how shocked I was she had proposed and that I couldn’t wait to marry her. Then I grabbed the box and opened it up, and she was so surprised! I put it on her finger and she could not stop smiling. We called our sisters and sent them pictures. Then we walked the beach and showed her parents, who were surprised I had a ring for her too.

Jackie: We spent the rest of our trip in Maui celebrating our engagement.

Jenny: It was the best Christmas present ever, getting to know that I get to be with my best friend forever.

Jenny and Jackie will be married on July 1st, 2017 at the Centralia Grand Square Ballroom & Aerie Ballroom in Washington.

The couple’s engagement photos with KPC & Co. Photography are below.

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