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Nicole & Christine's Handmade Fairy Tale

August 22nd 2015

Princeton, New Jersey

Christine and Nicole have known each other almost their entire lives. They attended the same preschool, grade school and high school. Though they were both in the same extracurricular programs and even had a bunch of mutual friends, they never really connected until they both took part in their high school’s alumni summer theater production in 2011. The two kept in touch throughout that year, and were both on the costume committee the following summer. One Saturday night Christine and Nicole got together to work on costumes and have a few drinks. They laughed, reminisced about their experiences in school, and eventually they kissed. The two have been a couple ever since.

Christine proposed to Nicole on a trip to Disney World for their first anniversary, and they had a two year engagement to plan their summer wedding. The couple lives in New Jersey with their Morkie named Tina.

As self-professed “Theater kids,” Christine and Nicole bonded over many of their favorite movies and musicals, like Beauty and the Beast, Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, all of which take place in Paris. The brides chose to incorporate a romantic Parisian theme into their wedding day. Their invitations and favors featured pictures of the Eiffel Tower, and they used exclusively roses for their bouquets and centerpieces. They also included lesser details from each of the movies. Nicole’s dress had a handmade red corset back and bustle like Nicole Kidman’s dress in Moulin Rouge and Christine styled her hair like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast.

The brides also played instrumental versions of songs from Moulin Rouge and Les Mis as part of their ceremony music. Say the brides: “We doubt anyone else noticed EVERY little thing, but we loved when our guests recognized certain elements and asked us about them.”

The brides handmade almost everything at their wedding to stay on budget. Says Nicole: “I can’t even begin to count the number of A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby receipts we stockpiled.” They made the invitations, bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony arch, beadwork and color splashes on their bridal gowns, centerpieces, decor and cake topper.

Say the brides: “Some of it was pretty labor-intensive, but we both love crafting and sewing, so it was time well spent in our eyes.”

Both brides walked down the aisle together, escorted by their fathers.

Nicole’s Favorite Moment: After the ceremony, when we were walking back around to Nassau Inn’s front lawn for pictures, I had to stop and fix my shoe. I’d already been smiling so hard my face hurt, because I was just so excited. But when I did stop, Christine and I had a moment to pause, look at each other and take it all in. After all the chaos of that morning and being in front of so many people for our ceremony, I was grateful to have a few seconds of (semi) privacy to acknowledge the fact that this woman was really my wife, and I was hers now.

 Christine’s Favorite Moment: I think my favorite moment was during our officiant’s opening speech. I was looking at him and then turned and looked at Nicole, and she looked at me and we both smiled excitedly. I realized that we had finally really made it — we were really about to make this commitment and all these people were here to witness it, and yet the only person in the world at that moment was her.

 Wedding Song: “You Got Me” by Colbie Caillat

Say the brides: “We also surprised our guests with a choreographed tap routine to the last 30 seconds of our first dance! That was a whole lot of fun because no one was expecting it.”

Asked if there’s anything they would change, the brides explain that they wish they had better organized their timeline for the day. Say the brides: “Our ceremony was at 12 and the photographers arrived at 9 am, so we assumed we’d have enough time to get ready and take all the formal pictures we wanted. Turns out we were running behind, and we didn’t start formal pictures until after 11. We ended up missing our entire cocktail hour because we didn’t have time for any portraits of just us.”

Still, the brides were ecstatic to have their loved ones together to witness their union, including their dog Tina, who wasn’t thrilled with the dress the brides made for her.

The brides gather their bridal party before the ceremony.

This fun-loving group strikes a pose!

Their rings are ready.

Christine (left) and Nicole (right) prepare to walk down the aisle, escorted by their fathers.

The handmade details on the bride’s gowns heightens their romantic theme.

The brides perform a sand ritual.

The vows.

And a kiss makes it official.

Officially wife & wife!

Both brides reveal the bling in their footwear as they go in for a kiss.

With Tina, their dog.

Their handmade decor.

The brides share a kiss during their first dance.

We’re nuts about this cake topper.

A look of love.

A gorgeous photo of the newlyweds.

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