Sep 19

April 8th 2017

Sedona, Arizona

Emma and Sofia met on October 11th 2015 at a local coffee shop called Coffee Rush. Says Emma, “Ever since the first day we met we haven’t been without each other!” Sofia proposed to Emma on Papago Mountain with candles lit all around the mountain top.

The brides planned the first-ever lesbian wedding at Sky Ranch Lodge in Sedona, Arizona. Say the brides, “There wasn’t a special theme to the wedding, it was just about love and pure bliss.” They didn’t see each other before the wedding, and both admit that it was nerve-racking seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony. Both brides were escorted by their fathers. Sofia went first so she could watch Emma walk. Says Emma, “Sofia wanted to be there waiting for me.” The brides were escorted to “Who I am With You” by Chris Young. Says Emma, “Sofia says that every time she heard this song it represented how she felt about our relationship and me being a part of her life. When I heard it for the first time I understood how she felt.” Later the brides had a first dance to Joshua Radin’s “My My Love.”

Both brides say that their wedding was everything they hoped it would be, and that the day went perfectly. “All our family and friends supported us in such a powerful manner. The weather was beautiful and everyone had smiles on their faces all day.”

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