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Ajay & Kate's Proposal Story

Kate and Ajay met online on New Year’s Eve nearly two years ago. Ajay had recently moved from Los Angeles to Chattanooga, TN and Kate was planning a move there from Florida. “We were both looking to make new friends and the very next day went on a hike together to a local waterfall.” The two continued their friendship long-distance for the next few months, and when Kate finally made the move to town they decided that this was much more than a friendship.

Proposal Date: February 18th, 2017

Ajay proposed to Kate on Porters Creek Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Ajay: “I decided to propose to Kate where we spent our first road trip—in the Smokies. While she was studying for her midterms I plotted the perfect weekend getaway.”

Kate: “We love taking road trips and since I started grad school last fall, we’ve had less chance to get away. So, when Ajay suggested a trip to Smoky National Park and also volunteered to plan the whole thing, I was all in.”

Ajay: “We stayed at a wonderful cabin rental on a private creek and woke early Saturday morning for our hike at Porters Creek Trail. The weather had been threatening snow and rain so it was a welcome surprise when it turned out to be a clear, perfect day in the 50s. I hired a photographer to hike in before us and hide out until we got to the spot.”

Kate: “We set off on our hike early in the morning, and it sounds corny now, but I remember as we were going along and stopping at little points – I was thinking to myself how much I love this woman and how gosh darn lucky I was to find my best friend in life and my true love.”

Ajay: “Back on our first hike in the Smokies, Kate had found a smooth black stone that she scratched our initials onto, along with a heart. We then made a wish on it and tossed it into the waterfall. I found an etching artist on Etsy to recreate the initials and heart on a black stone and I brought it out, along with the ring.”

Kate: “We rounded a bend in the trail and being the sentimental lady I am, suggested we go make rock cairns and take a picture to symbolize our trip. So here I am trying to find the best rocks and Ajay tells me to stop and turn around. She then gets down on one knee and it was all a blur from there. I was crying, trying to get out the word “yes,” and trying to tell her I love her and laughing uncontrollably. It was the happiest moment of my life!”

Ajay: “I can’t believe I actually pulled the surprise off! It was well worth it to have Leah there to capture our tears and squeals.”

Below are some of the photos captured by Leah Moyers Photography. The brides will be married on October 28th 2017 in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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