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Brooke & Melissa's Surprise Proposal in Mexico

Brooke and Melissa knew each other for several years before beginning a romantic relationship. Say the brides-to-be, “Life has a funny way of ensuring that you are where you are supposed to be and with the person you are intended to be with. We fight everyday to make sure that our love story is one that will last a lifetime.”

The Proposal

Melissa proposed to Brooke on May 12th 2015 in Playa del Carmen.

Melissa: “We were taking a trip to Mexico and I wanted it to be special so I decided I would do it while we were on vacation. Brooke then brought it to my attention that she scheduled a photo shoot for us while we were there. So WIN-WIN for me!”

Brooke: “I wanted Melissa to have something happy to look forward to because this day was the anniversary of her father’s death, so I planned a photo shoot with Quetzal Photo to give her something positive to focus on. The proposal was very unexpected.”

Melissa: “Not only could I ask her to marry me in Mexico but I could ask her in the middle of our photo shoot. I love pictures and now one of the most important things to me would be captured.”

Brooke: “Little did I know that she had other plans and surprised me—and the photographer—with the proposal. She was super nervous and could barely get any of the words out. It was a sweet moment full of love and laughter.”

Melissa: “On that beautiful beach in Mexico I asked Brooke to marry me. May 12th has a new meaning to me now. It is no longer just the day I had lost my dad many years ago, it is now also be the day that I asked the love of my life to marry me.”

Brooke and Melissa were wed on July 11th 2016 in Playa del Carmen. The surprise proposal and photo shoot by Quetzal Photo below.











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