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Nicole & Valerie's Proposal Story & Engagement Shoot

Nicole is originally from California and of Filipino descent, and Valerie is from Hong Kong and immigrated to Southern California when she was six years old. The two met in 2004 through mutual friends. Say the couple, “We kept in touch through the years but grew closer in 2007 when we were both going through difficult times in our lives. We were there to support each other.”

Months later the women both auditioned for Showtime’s “The L Word” and started spending even more time together. They discovered that they shared many of the same interests and values in life and love. “We made our partnership official later that same year and the love continues to grow stronger everyday.”

The Proposal

Valerie proposed to Nicole on June 23, 2012 at the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach, CA.

Nicole: My birthday was approaching and Val encouraged me to plan something bigger that year. I figured it would be a good reason to get friends and family together. I love boutique hotels so Val enthusiastically agreed to find a hotel to host it at. We went to visit the two-story beach house at Pacific Edge hotel in Laguna Beach and my mouth dropped to the floor with the spectacular views and décor. We thought it was the perfect, casual but classy place, so Val got to work on the invites.

Valerie: When we visited the beach house I saw this beautiful fireplace and I had an instant vision of proposing to Nicole in front all of our loved ones. The beach house was spacious yet intimate with a romantic but modern setting. Nicole had no idea what I was planning and thought we were just looking for a nice location to have a birthday party. I secretly told some of her friends and family about the proposal so they agreed to attend with no hesitation.

Nicole: On the day of the party the weather was perfect. A few good friends that I thought couldn’t make it showed up to surprise me. I felt so grateful. I couldn’t stop smiling. It made me feel so special and super giddy to see everyone all together. As the party went into the evening there was a moment when Val told me to come downstairs with her. I walked down and saw my friends and family all together, patiently waiting for me, so as I walked towards them I said “Woah!” because everyone was quietly staring and smiling. I didn’t think too much of it at the time because I had already knocked back a few drinks and felt very relaxed.

Valerie: Because I had told a few people what I was planning I had some assistance to ensure the proposal would go smoothly. When everyone arrived I brought Nicole to that beautiful fireplace in front of everyone—I was so nervous but thank goodness for alcohol, it really calmed my nerves—I made a small speech about how we were there to celebrate the birthday girl and then I got down on one knee and told her she’s the most beautiful and perfect woman I’ve ever met, both inside and out, and I would be the luckiest person if I could have her as my wife for the rest of my life.

Nicole: All of a sudden Val got down on one knee! My tears started gushing and she started crying and pulled out TWO beautiful rings, one for me and one for her, and asked me to marry her. Full of emotion, of course, I said “Yes!” She put the ring on me and I put the ring on her and we embraced and cried happy tears while everyone clapped and cheered. Friends quickly brought out an amazing Tiki cake that my best friend (now my Matron of Honor) made for me and they all sang happy birthday. It sure was a magical birthday/engagement party I will always cherish and remember.

Valerie: Nicole cried tears and said “Yes!” Everyone was clapping and crying, then I got up and then shouted “Now this has become our engagement party!” The cake came out and everyone celebrated. It was just so perfect and I’ll never forget that day.

The brides are planning a wedding at The Riviera Palm Springs on October 14th, 2016, but first they shot an engagement session with photographers Randy & Ashley this past July at the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs. Their photographers gush that this was a super fun engagement session. “What we love most about these two is how they just love to have fun together – they laugh more than any other couple we’ve ever hung out with, which we just adore about them.”


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