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Kasey & Tracie's Engagement Story

August 22, 2015

Montreal, Canada

When Kasey & Tracie met on a dating website in July 2014, neither had been looking to fall in love, let alone for a future wife. Regardless, the two hit it off and began a long distance relationship. Tracie is in the Air Force and is waiting to be posted closer to Kasey so the couple can finally live together.

Tracie: I knew I wanted to marry Kasey. We’d talked about getting married and Kasey commented that when I proposed, I’d better have a really great ring. No pressure! She loves Art Deco from Austin, Texas, so I began searching for Art Deco engagement rings and found a store in Austin. I wanted something as unique as she is. One ring always caught my eye on the site. We had a trip planned to Montreal. I knew the city had special meaning for her so that’s where I planned to officially propose. I ordered the ring about one month before the trip. After a mess-up with the shipping, I was running out of time to get the ring before we left. I contacted the store and arranged for them to ship it to my sisters, where we were staying before Montreal. Not only was I relieved, but I finally got to see the ring!

Kasey: I had gone to University in Montreal and it is a city close to my heart. It is a cosmopolitan city with a French flair and I was thrilled to share it with Tracie. After a long line for smoked meat (Montreal’s namesake), we quickly moved on to my favourite restaurant. After lunch we started up Mount Royal, a mountain in the middle of the city. We were chatting the whole way up, and when we got to the top the view was spectacular as usual. The whole city was visible and there was a huge crowd enjoying the view.

Tracie: I wanted to propose on Mount Royal because the view of the city is amazing. The hike up I was nervous. We got to the top and there were so many people, I knew I needed a better spot. We started walking back down and I was panicking. Where was I going to do this?

Kasey: Tracie asked if there was another viewpoint. I put my foot down and said there was no way I was walking another 3 km to the next view. We started down to the lake. As we walked I spotted a couple kissing on the lawn. I jokingly asked Tracie if she wanted to make out. Much to my surprise she eagerly agreed and took me to a picnic table a little out of the way.

Tracie: We passed this lake where a couple was making out and Kasey suggested we do the same. I had this whole speech ready and forgot it all. It was pretty much a blur, but I remember saying that she deserved a proper proposal and I got down on one knee, took out the ring and asked her to marry me.

Kasey: As I sat down Tracie quickly kneeled in front of me. I was so shocked that I don’t think I heard what she said. She said something about being the love of her life and wanting to marry me. She held out a gorgeous ring. I said yes immediately.

Tracie: I’m pretty sure she said yes before even seeing the ring!

 Kasey: We shared several warm embraces. Not to be outdone by the other couple, we also made out. Then we slowly ambled down the mountain, engaged and incredibly happy.

The couple celebrated with Ethiopian food—Kasey’s favorite, which Tracie had never eaten—and then it was back to the comfort of their hotel. They are planning an August 2017 wedding in their hometown of Halifax.

Selfie at the summit.

The Art Deco sparkler that was surely burning a hole in Tracie’s pocket during their hike.

One more selfie, this time with a ring!

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