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Jen & Jenn's Colorful Celebration

Jen and Jenn first met at a party, but it would be three years before they saw each other again. Says Jenn, “I remembered being intrigued by Jen because I had never met a lesbian before.” They eventually became friends and Jen even helped Jenn come out. Says Jenn, “ I can pinpoint it to the exact moment I realized I loved her. I was with my girlfriend at the time and I got a flat tire. When we pulled over to the side of the road I reached for my phone to call Jen, not because she is some kind of car aficionado, but because she was the person I wanted with me when things got tough, she was like family to me.” Though they took their time figuring out the best way to end other relationships, they were eventually able to start a romance of their own.

When it came time to propose, Jenn had the blessing of both of Jen’s parents, and the perfect ring. Jenn planned a hike for the couple this past January and had plans for a photographer friend to stay hidden until the proposal. Says Jen, “Jenn woke up that morning complaining that she thought she had the flu—which she did—and so I decided to propose the following week during a trip to Disney.” Says Jenn, “Being with Jen meant there was never a doubt in my mind we would be together forever, so when she proposed I was not expecting it at all. I was so surprised and happy that she made the decision to marry me.”

The brides planned a relaxed, outdoor June wedding. Some of the unique details included paper flowers. Say the brides, “All of our flowers were handmade out of paper and were beautiful.” Jen and Jenn also incorporated their love of dogs into the reception. “We worked with two of our favorite rescue organizations and obtained stories and photos of dogs for adoption in the area. We then incorporated them into the escort card table. All of the escort cards were shaped like different dogs.” The brides also like to take trends and make them their own so their signature drink was Miller High Life, The Champagne of Beers.

Both brides walked down the aisle. Says Jenn, “Jen went first in her dapper suit and I followed in my very full gown. I guess I always just imagined going second and Jen didn’t seem to mind.”

Family was involved in the procession and during the ceremony the brides thanked their parents for their support. The brides also performed a “wine box ceremony.” They’d each written the other a letter and added letters from loved ones as well, then they locked everything into a hand carved box to be opened on their five year anniversary.

Jen’s Favorite Moment: We chose “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John as our Father/Daughter song. Half way through we invited loved ones to join us on the dance floor. I remember looking around and seeing so much love from everyone … there were whole families embracing each other. When I looked back at my dad he was smiling so big and said, “You girls picked the perfect song.” Years from now when I look back on that night I think that will always be the moment I remember.

Jenn’s Favorite Moment: Greeting my grandmother when she arrived, putting her corsage on her and taking pictures with her. Knowing now that it was the last night we’d be with her, those moments really pull on my heartstrings. Grandma Ro passed away the week we returned from our honeymoon. My other favorite moment is the last song of the night where we all totally rocked out on the dance floor together, including my mom and Aunt who were clearly having the time of their lives right along with us. It was such a special moment to see my family genuinely happy for us.

Wedding song: “Aquaman” by Walk the Moon

Say the brides, “We knew we wanted to use a Walk the Moon song because they’re our favorite band. When we heard “Aquaman” we knew it was perfect. For the past year anytime the song came on we would look at each other from across the room and smile. If we weren’t together we would call or text each other lyrics to each other. The lyrics are all about jumping in head first with no regrets and it really sums up how we started our relationship.  Though Jen is shy Jenn says that didn’t stop her from spinning her around the floor. The brides also say they love Walk the Moon so much that they started and ended the night with their music.

Asked if there’s anything they would change the brides say, “Nothing, it was really the best day of our lives.”

Jenn approaches her waiting bride for their first look.

A look of pure joy and excitement.

The brides share a pre-ceremony kiss.

The brides and their free-spirited bridal party.

Jen and her father make their way down the aisle.

Jenn is escorted towards her bride.

Jen & Jenn take hands as their ceremony begins.

And a kiss makes it official.

Mrs. & Mrs.

The colorful DIY rescue dog seating chart.

A beautiful pic of the brides.

Their tented reception space looks positively celebratory.

Jen & Jenn take the floor for the father/daughter dance.

Time for some speeches. Say the brides, “All of the bridesmaids were assigned a different accent color and we bought them Vans in their assigned color.”

The brides cut their colorful cake.

“So here we go head firstNo regrets and no rulesWe can stay as long as we wantSlow dancing in the darkness

And all I know is I wanna be here with you from now on.”

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