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Kitzia & Sylvia's Traditional Mayan Ceremony in Mexico

Sylvia and Kitzie, who live in Playa Del Carmen, met at the dog park and realized they lived in the same building. They began a friendship that turned into something more, and the two fell in love. During a December 2014 trip to Sylvia’s hometown of Zacatecas, México—famous for their mines and silver production—Kitzia bought two silver rings. That night Sylvia proposed.

The couple wanted to marry on the beach, so they visited places around Riviera Maya until they felt the magic of Akiin Beach Club in Tulum. The couple’s friends Gustavo and Juan Carlos—married for 17 years—took the women to a place in Yucatan called Kimbilá, famous for their Mexican traditional handcrafted clothes, to find the perfect dresses for the wedding. Both Sylvia & Kitzia decided on two different dresses, one each for the Mayan ceremony and the reception.

On their wedding day Sylvia and Kitzia surprised their guests who thought they would be walking down the aisle. The couple arrived and the ceremony began at the gazebo. Say the brides “The Mayan ceremony was great, full of mysticism and spirituality.” Then there was the civil ceremony which joined them by law, then time to party.

Sylvia’s Favorite Moment: “My father’s speech which celebrated the love between me and Kitzia.”

Kitzia’s Favorite Moment: “Sharing this day with family and friends, and seeing how Sylvia was enjoying every moment.”

Both brides also loved the flash mob they planned for their first dance. “We rehearsed the choreography with some friends and after a minute of dancing just the two of us, they all joined in and it was wonderful.”

The couple had a tequila shot waiting at each seat and they celebrated under a sky full of stars. Of wedding planning they have this to say, “Write every idea or dream you have, it does not matter if it sounds crazy in the moment because there is always someone around you that will help to make it come true.”

What a site for a ceremony!

Kitzia: “What I love the most about Sylvia is her enthusiasm, dedication, intelligence and good sense of humor.”

Sylvia: “What I love the most about Kitzia is her smile and the way she looks at me.”

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