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Jess and Devin's Chinese Garden Nuptials

Devin and Jess met through mutual friends in Cincinnati four and a half years ago. They soon moved in together, got two pups, and then got engaged on Halloween of 2015. Nearly a year ago they made the cross-country move to Portland to start a new life together. Says Devin, “We had originally planned on a destination wedding, but when we first visited Lan Su I fell in love, and couldn’t see myself getting married anywhere else.”

The brides had their wedding at Lan Su, a traditional Chinese garden in Portland. The week of the wedding the forecast was chilly and rainy, with possible storms the day of the wedding. There was some light rain during the rehearsal, but Devin and Jess say that there wasn’t a single drop on their wedding day. “It was magical.”

The crabapple symbol found throughout the garden is also a detail included on Devin’s gown and earrings. Say the brides, “It was important to both of us that our outfits were unique, and different from anything we’d ever seen before.” Devin and Jess both had a multitude of metallic tones on their outfits.

The brides were both escorted down the aisle by their parents, and they served Asian fusion food. “We had dishes spread throughout the garden so that our guests would be encouraged to explore.”

Devin’s Favorite Moment: “Embracing Jess after the ceremony.”

Jess’ Favorite Moment: “The gator.”

What’s the gator, you ask? Says Devin, “It’s been a family tradition for about 30 years. My aunts and uncles have a running competition over who does it best and it’s continued through all family weddings. You basically lie flat on your back, wiggle around, and flip over. It’s pretty hilarious.”

Devin and Jess chose not to include any formal weddings events—like first dances and bouquet tossing—and preferred a more natural flow to the evening. “At the end of the night we did a glitter sendoff!”

Asked if there’s anything they would change both brides agree, “Not a thing.”


















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