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Elizabeth & Kristen's Family Affair

February 27th 2016

Howell, Michigan

Kristen and Liz met seven years ago when they worked together at Home Depot. Their blended family includes 14-year-old Ziah, sons Evan, 12 and William, 10 and their two dogs Sequoia and Sienna. Kristen proposed to Liz on their second anniversary in 2012, and they were legally married on June 26th 2015, the day the Supreme Court ruled marriage equality into law. Say the brides, “We’d been waiting long enough, and we didn’t want to wait another minute!” Their wedding photos, however, are from what they consider their “real” wedding; the day they put together with love and shared with family and friends.

The brides created most of the decor themselves and had plenty of help from friends and family. Kristen was escorted down the aisle first, and joined by Ziah and Sequoia, then Liz followed with her sons on each arm. “That’s one of my favorite photos,” says Liz, “Me coming down the aisle with them.”

Wedding Song: “And I love Her” by the Beatles

The brides liked the song’s quick tempo and perfect lyrics. Kristen and Liz took dance lessons at Arthur Murray Studios as a surprise to their guests. “We actually really enjoyed learning to dance. We learned the Rhumba and we had an absolute blast showing off our moves.”

Liz’s Favorite Moment: “The cocktail hour after the ceremony. We were upstairs in the Opera House taking pictures but we could hear the music and our guests enjoying themselves downstairs, while the two of us just enjoyed each other. We let everything that we had just said to each other in our vows sink in.”

Kristen’s Favorite Moment: “The first look! Our photographer was taking photos as we saw each other in all of our bridal glory for the first time. It was a surprisingly emotional moment. I would definitely recommend it to other couples.”

When it comes to the photos the brides do wish they had made a list of photo ops. “We thought we would remember all of the groupings we wanted but we did miss a few posed arrangements with family.”

Of their special day, the brides fondly remember all of the work that went into it. “We made the décor ourselves and had friends do the cake, flowers and officiating.” They’re also glad they had their dog present, and though they’ve since added another dog to the family, they say that having Sequoia in attendance was very true to their lives.

“Our first wedding related purchase was the super cool sofa that you see in the pictures. We knew we wanted it from the second we saw it. We had a vision!” The brides also had a wine box ceremony. “We made the box ourselves—of course—wrote love letters to each other, and put a bottle of wine inside. During the ceremony we nailed it shut. The idea is that if we get into a time of marital trouble, or even on an anniversary, we open the box, read the letters, share the wine, and remember why we got married in the first place.”

“I give her all my love, That’s all I do, And if you saw my love, You’d love her to, I love her. She gives my everything, And tenderly, The kiss my lover brings, She brings to me, And I love her.”

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