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Lindsey & Lynn's Proposal & Engagement Shoot

Lindsey and Lynn—both from Minnesota—downloaded the Tinder app as a joke with their respective groups of friends. As fate would have it, however, they both swiped right on each other and were matched. Say the brides, “We texted back and forth for about 8 months before finally meeting in person. We walked our dogs together to a local coffee shop on a crisp spring day, gabbing the whole time.” Since that first date the two have been inseparable.

Lindsey works as a program manager for St. Paul Sober Living. She is back in school for drug and alcohol counseling and social work.  Lynn says, “Lindsey is an inspiration and shows so much love, determination and passion every day of her life.  She truly makes me a better person, and I am in awe of her every day.”

Lynn was born in Korea and adopted into a family in Minnesota as a baby.  She skated professionally with Disney on Ice after high school before moving back to MN to finish schooling for paramedic work.  She currently works as a medic and is attending school to become a hospice nurse.

Proposal Date:  

May 19th 2016 – Lindsey

May 25th 2016 – Lynn

Neither knew the other was planning to propose, but when the ladies headed out of town for a trip to the Dominican Republic, Lindsey surprised Lynn by proposing on the way to the airport. A few days later Lynn surprised Lindsey by proposing on the beach in Punta Cana.

Lindsey’s Proposal: The couple had to leave their home very early in the morning for their trip to the Dominican. Lindsey was driving and Lynn was sleeping in the passenger seat. Says Lynn, “Not really paying attention, I was confused when we pulled up to Lindsey’s old house. I was a little terrified when she asked me to get out of the car then led me to the spot where we first laid eyes on each other. Suddenly, Lindsey got down on one knee and proposed. I was spinning with happiness! It was an amazing, thoughtful proposal and perfect in every way.”

Lynn’s Proposal: On the last day of their trip Lynn woke Lindsey up early in the morning and convinced her to take an adventure and go visit a local surfing beach. The couple was walking hand-in-hand when Lynn stopped on the beach to propose. Lynn had also made prior arrangements with Katya Nova Photography to take photos of the proposal as well as the couple enjoying a picnic and splashing around in the water.

Lynn & Lindsey will be married on June 3rd 2017 at Dodge Center in Minnesota.

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