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Jessica & Cheyenne's Proposal and Engagement Shoot

Cheyenne and Jessica met about six years ago while dating other people, but say that they “had similar values and senses of humor, and hit it off right away.” They became friends, and when Cheyenne was unable to take a trip to New York to visit her sister for her birthday, Jess surprised Cheyenne with two plane tickets and a hotel room. Says Cheyenne, “I called Jess at work, and crying, told her there was no way I could afford to pay her back. She said all she wanted in return was to take me on a date.” A few weeks later, during their trip to New York, they took a horse drawn carriage ride in Central Park, visited Rockefeller Center and had drinks at an Irish pub. “We ended the evening talking about everything and nothing, sipping coffee on a bench in the middle of Broadway and 75th Street. That’s where it all started, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Proposal date: January 23rd 2017

Jessica proposed to Cheyenne in Notting Hill, London.

Jessica: “Our last night at home before our trip we popped in my all-time favorite rom-com, Notting Hill. As the credits rolled I looked at Cheyenne and she was smiling the way she does at the end of every love story. I knew. We were going to London! I could propose to her in Notting Hill! The UK was one of the last countries we visited. That being said, it is insanely difficult to hide an engagement ring in a backpack for a month.”

Cheyenne: “We were staying at an Airbnb in London. Jess woke me up with a cappuccino and a kiss, then told me our itinerary for the day had changed.”

Jessica: “I told Cheyenne we were going to see a play and the London theater scene was very posh so we needed to get our hair and nails done and find something for her to wear. We got our nails done, found an outfit for Cheyenne, and took a cab to our hair appointment.”

Cheyenne: “Jess is constantly surprising me with sweet things, so I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary.”

Jessica: “We’re part of an international travel group called Girls Who Love to Travel, and we meet up with other group members whenever we can. I told Cheyenne we were going to meet up with someone new before the show, and that she was a photographer by profession. But Jackie is actually a photographer with Flytographer.”

Cheyenne: “We started walking around and talking. I suddenly realized we were in Notting Hill. Jessica’s all-time favorite love story is Notting Hill. We watch it all the time! I got excited and started jumping around. Jess tried to brush it off, but she underplayed it a little too much and I started to suspect something was up. A stranger walking by overheard me talking about the movie, and he pointed to the blue door. I geeked out. Jackie offered to take our picture in front of it and I practically ran to the door with Jess. We took a few pictures, and I started to walk away.”

Jessica: “A knot formed in my stomach and grew into my chest. This was it. The moment that she would relive every time someone asked her, “How’d she propose?” It all happened so fast, from taking a picture in front of the door to dropping down on one knee. My heart was beaming with joy when she said, ‘Yes.’”

Cheyenne: “We had fish and chips and bangers and mash at a pub after the shoot, then we headed back to our Airbnb. I called or Facetimed everyone in my family, and they were all so happy!”

Highlights from Cheyenne and Jessica’s Notting Hill engagement shoot with Jackie are below. The brides are planning a wedding in March 2018.

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