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Katie & Kaitlin's Big Day Their Way

Katie and Kaitlin met in July 2012 at Glory Days Grill on Kaitlin’s first day of work. Katie says, “I just kind of fell in love at first sight. I worked in the kitchen and was doing prep work when I saw her and she took my breath away.” Katie adds that she was known as the jerk of the restaurant, and there have been jokes ever since that theirs is a Beauty and the Beast story.

When it came time to plan their wedding, the brides hand made most of their decorations. Katie is southern and wanted to represent her roots by making sure everything was original and by including camo in the color scheme. Say the brides, “Our wedding was what we wanted it to be, which was intimate. Regardless of what anyone wanted us to do we decided to keep it small and invited 50 people.”

Kaitlin walked down the aisle to “Just the Way You Are” Bruno Mars cover by Boyce avenue, escorted by her step-father. Katie waited up front for her.

Wedding Song: “Crazy Girl” by Eli Young Band.

The brides say they chose this song because although they know that there will be times when they fight, they love each other no matter what.

They involved family in the wedding party and chose to do a sand mixing ceremony to reflect their Native American spirituality. They also mixed dirt from Katie’s home state of Florida and Kaitlin’s home state of Virginia. Kaitlin says that what made the day so special was seeing Katie waiting for her at the end of the aisle. “Both of us cried as soon as we saw each other—as did many of our guests—and everyone said they could feel the love.”

Says Katie, “Our wedding was amazing and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything in the world. You can’t change what other people think. We decided this was our day and we were going to focus on what we wanted and not change a thing just to make others happy.”

Kaitlin adds, “We’ve had ups and downs from family in regards to our relationship, but Katie and I have always worked as a team and found ways to work through some of our toughest moments. Our vows were extremely special and described us so well. Katie is my best friend and my person. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.”

Kaitlin gets a hand from her bridesmaids.

Two brides ready to say “I do.”

Their excitement mounts as the ceremony approaches.

Kaitlin is given away by her step-father.

Katie and Kaitlin join hands as their ceremony begins.

Sand ceremony.

Officially wife & wife!

The newlyweds are applauded by their guests.

Ladies in love.

A newlywed kiss.

Homemade desserts made with love.

Kaitlin and Katie at their sweetheart table.

The brides take the floor for the first time as Mrs. & Mrs.

Time to celebrate!

“We’re gonna do what lovers doWe’re gonna have a fight or two

But I ain’t ever changin’ my mind.”

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