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Shanee & Stephanie's Surprise Engagement Shoot

Shanee and Stephanie both attended college in Philadelphia, but didn’t meet until after graduation, while Shanee was visiting from DC. “I was in for the weekend visiting my college roommate. Before we left for a party she showed me Stephanie’s Facebook page. Of course I thought she was very attractive, but didn’t think I would ever actually meet her in person.” It turned out that Stephanie was at the same party as Shanee that night. Though the two tried to get together after that night, Shanee’s visit was brief and their plans fell through.

The two continued to talk after Shanee returned to DC, and decided to meet up in Annapolis a month later. Say the brides, “The setting was perfect. We had this intimate restaurant all to ourselves and were able to talk without distraction We were both nervous but the date went better than I could have ever imagined. From that moment we were inseparable.” After a year of long distance dating Stephanie moved to DC.

Shanee proposed to Stephanie on June 22nd 2016 at the Georgetown Waterfront in Washington DC.

Stephanie: After a hectic month, which included a weeklong work conference out of town, Shanee suggested we do a date night every week in June. I thought it was a cute idea and exactly what I needed. Our month of dates included a trip to Florida, dinner dates, a Beyoncé concert and an after work picnic. Needless to say, our date month ended with the date of all of dates, the picnic which I will never forget.

Shanee: Once I found the ring I started to set the plan into motion. I knew I wanted a photographer to capture the moment, so I decided to propose with a picnic by the water. Stephanie and I picnic at various sites around the city. It gives us a chance to enjoy the scenery and the city. Plus, she wouldn’t think anything was out of the ordinary with this plan.

Stephanie: The day of our planned picnic, as luck would have it, there was torrential rain. Shanee was hesitant to cancel but finally decided to reschedule for the next day. I thought nothing of it, but wondered why this picnic needed to happen so badly. Still, I had no clue what she had up her sleeve.

Shanee: We met at the Georgetown Waterfront after work, which is one of our favorite spots. After setting everything up while waiting for her to arrive, I got extremely nervous. I Facetimed her mom and one of my best friends to get my nerves in check. Once she arrived I got to the point pretty quickly as my nerves were all over the place.

Stephanie: I’m usually late for everything, but for some reason I left work on time to meet her. When I got to the waterfront I start grumbling “We’re too close to the ducks, it’s too hot …” I stopped myself when I realized Shanee was pretty dressed up for a picnic on a 90-degree day. Everything was set up nicely, so finally, I stopped my yapping to appreciate her efforts. Minutes later, with a huge smile on her face, Shanee said, “You know I love you, right?!” She got on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful ring. I was perfectly surprised. She even arranged for a photographer to capture the moment. She did well!! Really well!

Ashleigh from Shoot Happens Photography captured the sweet proposal. Images below.

Says Shanee: “With Stephanie I am able to be my complete self. She understands me, anticipates my needs, and is always there to listen to my silly ideas and theories. Because of her I am a better woman. I’ve gained a partner, best friend, and a home filled with laughter and love.”

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