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Corina & Corynn's Cancun Proposal


Cancun, Mexico

Corina & Corynn were mutually crushing on each other back in high school, but neither was quite ready to come out at the time. A few years and Facebook messages later, Corynn landed a temp position in the accounting department of Corina’s office. The two went out for lunch together and quickly became a couple. Corynn had a surprise planned during the couple’s December trip to Cancun.

Corynn: I had been planning on proposing for about 3 months. After we went to a few jewelry stores to try on rings, I knew I wanted to have a ring made for Corina. Surprisingly, taking care of the ring was the easy part. Keeping my mouth shut and not telling her every detail was by far that toughest part. Every day from the time the ring was complete until we left for Mexico I wanted to ask her to marry me. If it wasn’t for my coworkers’ daily reminders that our trip was right around the corner, I would’ve ruined everything. When I woke up on December 12th I knew I would be engaged to my soul mate by the end of the day.

Corina: We had just experienced a long day of traveling from North Carolina to Cancun for a week-long vacation. We were both tired from being in airports all day, so we decided to take showers and throw on something casual for dinner. As I was getting dressed Corynn mentioned that I should do my make-up, something I normally do but had decided to skip that night. I didn’t think anything of it, and actually decided it would be a good idea for pictures.

Corynn: When we finally arrived in Cancun and checked in to our resort, I started feeling nervous. She had previously told me not to propose without her being “dolled up” a.k.a, make sure her makeup was done. So when she got dressed for dinner and I saw she wasn’t putting on makeup, I thought to myself “there’s no way I’m waiting another day to propose.” So I asked her to put on her “face” for our first night in Cancun, and she did.

Corina: After I finished my make-up Corynn called me over to the balcony to admire the view. We talked about how beautiful it was and she suggested that I record the scenery for Snapchat. As I started recording Corynn said she had a early Christmas gift for me …

Corynn: I was so nervous that I got down on BOTH knees and poured my heart out about how I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and how she is everything I’ve ever wanted in a life partner. I had fake proposed with an earring a couple of weeks before, so when she saw me pull out the box, I saw the wheels start turning in her head. But when I opened it, she was even more shocked! “OMG babe! How?!” was her initial reaction.

Corina: When Corynn said she had an early Christmas gift I was totally oblivious and asked nonchalantly “what is it?” She asked me to sit and next thing I knew, my love was on her knee with a ring box! She went on to tell me how much our love meant to her, how much she was dedicated to our relationship, and that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me! Still in complete shock I said, “Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!”

Corynn: I had done a very good job in the months before, making her think there was no way I would be able to get her the ring she wanted. After I got my “Yes!!!” she asked me if I told her mother about the proposal. I told her yes, and that she had given me permission weeks before. That’s when the tears came! I know it meant a lot to Corina to have her mother’s blessing. She raised her alone. I honestly think that gesture meant more to her than the ring itself. She cried intermittently for the rest of the night, and I STILL catch her staring at her hand in disbelief. I would say I did a pretty damn good job!

Corina in shock.

Corina & Corynn’s first day as an engaged couple.

Corina shows off her ring in the sunlight.

A selfie of the couple.

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