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Jessica & Jennifer's Dreamy Destination Wedding in Tulum

Louisiana couple Jennifer and Jessica have previously shared their love story and proposal with us, and their destination wedding in Tulum was nothing short of dreamy. Their chosen date of April Fool’s Day was a chance for the brides to reveal their lighthearted humor and remind everyone who doubted their relationship that this couple was laughing all the way to the altar.

Jessica and Jennifer hit a planning snag when Jessica’s young daughter was legally barred from attending the wedding, but the couple focused on making their special day extraordinary.

Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner the brides had cocktail hour with loved ones the night before the wedding. On their wedding day the couple had hair and make up done at their resort’s spa, and family members helped them get ready. Then they separated to finish getting dressed.

Jennifer’s Favorite Moment: Seeing Jessica in her dress for the first time.

The brides walked down the aisle together. They had considered having Jennifer’s cousin escort them both but decided they wanted to walk hand in hand. Jessica’s daughter was supposed to be maid of honor and the only member of the bridal party. Says Jessica, “She would have walked in front of us. We had also both planned part of our vows to be to her as well. She had a special speech prepared and all.”

Say the brides, “In lieu of a unity candle—because it was far too windy on the beach—we had a sand ceremony. We had turquoise colored and regular sand and we each took turns filling a bottle until it was full. It’s a beautiful keepsake and we have it on our coffee table next to a bowl of seashells we collected on our honeymoon.”

Wedding Song: Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud.” 

Say the brides, “As soon as the song came out, it became one of our favorites. It was on our “Jsquared” playlist and we would play it in the car on the way to or home from dates. When it came to choose a wedding song this one stood out.”

Jessica’s Favorite Moment: “After all the nervousness had died down, the ceremony was over, as was dinner, and we were near the end of the reception. “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came on, and we grabbed the rainbow American flag we brought with us and wrapped ourselves in the flag and danced and sang the entire song to one another. It was an intimate and emotional moment and I smile as I write about it now.”

The day after the wedding the brides planned an excursion to Xel-Ha with friends and family where they snorkeled, tubed, zip lined, and swam with dolphins. On Sunday, the day their guests departed, the brides had brunch with their loved ones before checking into a smaller hotel in a remote area of Tulum for their honeymoon.

Both brides agree that their resort did a phenomenal job making their wedding perfect. Adds Jessica, “The resort attended to out every need and went above and beyond, exceeding all our expectations. The location was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the photographer did an amazing job capturing our big day. It truly was everything I could have ever dreamed it to be and so much more.”

Jennifer & Jessica are ready for their first look …

Jessica’s face says it all.

Both brides look gorgeous, but Jessica says “Jenn (left) picked the first dress she tried on and was very overwhelmed by the entire thing. “

The brides brought along a rainbow American flag for the celebration.

Entering the ceremony hand in hand.

Such a breathtaking scene.

The brides perform their sand ceremony.

Jennifer says her vows.

And a kiss makes it official!

Wife & wife, these brides are ready to celebrate!


All wrapped up in love.

The brides couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

Brides who aren’t afraid to get dirty.

Jessica & Jennifer share a sunset kiss before the celebration begins.

This looks like a perfectly intimate gathering to us.

“Take me into your loving armsKiss me under the light of a thousand starsPlace your head on my beating heartI’m thinking out loud

Maybe we found love right where we are.”

Everyone’s on the dance floor.

Cake & kisses.

Time to party the night away.

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