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How Do We Word Our Invites?

  • My answers to most wedding questions begin with, However the heck you want! But I also know that the wording on wedding invitations really set a tone for the event itself. Is it a formal affair? Do you want to keep it low-key or playful? Or maybe you’re artsy or eccentric and want that conveyed with your invites.

    Here are a few guidelines to get you started.

    If you wanna go the traditional route, then go ahead, request the honor of their presence. Are your parents paying – because then you can stop reading now and let them handle this part. Kidding. Kind of … although they probably want some input. Maybe they already have their own steadfast opinions here.

    A great way to begin:

    Together with their families __________ & __________ invite you to share in the celebration of their wedding.


    … request the honor of your presence at their wedding.

    Then include your pertinent details.

    If you’re wholly uninterested in traditional wording—this is a lesbian wedding after all, we can get away with anything—then go ahead, use language that is unique to you as a couple and capture the vibe of your wedding.


    We’re getting hitched and we want you to join us. Details below.


    ________ & ________ would love for you to join them at their wedding.


    Our families don’t approve but we like you better anyway.

    Anything goes.

    This sounds ridiculous, but the wording for an invitation can really set a tone for the party you want to follow your ceremony. Do you want everyone on the dance floor? Is this an intimate dinner party? Yes, you can simply state Reception to follow. But what fun is that? Tell your guests how you want to celebrate.

    Some favorites:

    • Dinner & merriment to follow.
    • Dinner, drinks & dancing to follow.
    • Then, we dance.
    • Soiree to follow.
    • Fabulous food, fun, & festivities to follow.
    • Shots! Shots! Shots!

    … You get the idea.

    When in doubt, here’s what you really need to know: Keep it clear and be sure to give out detailed information (Your aunts will still call with questions that were already answered on the invite, so it’s best to accept this early on).

    If you want your invites to look clean, no need to add every last detail. Go ahead and add at the bottom:

    • For more information check out our wedding website.
    • For more information call our Moms.
    • Show up. Look Nice. Here’s a hotel we suggest. Shuttle arrives at 5pm.

    There are SO many ways to create wedding invites these days, from budget friendly do-it-yourself options to customized letterpress. This means that you should absolutely make it personal. Capture your vibe as a couple with a kick-ass invite.

    Check out our Pinterest board for some of our favs.

    Questions? Ask us.

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