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Julie & Stacey's Romantic Night of Grandeur

November 21, 2015

Coral Gables, Florida

Remember Julie & Stacey’s super-sweet proposal story, complete with secretly appointed paparazzi and a gorgeous engagement shoot to follow? These two pulled off a seriously romantic autumn Miami wedding at the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Fables the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Say the brides: “The grandeur of the hotel brought a timeless and elegant feel to our wedding. We used mostly natural colors: gold, ivory and blush. We wanted the room to feel romantic and chose to do mirrored royal tables on opposite sides of the dance floor, down the middle of the room. There were over a hundred floating candles in the center of the tables to reflect light off the mirrors.”

Although rain moved their ceremony indoors, the brides describe it as “perfect.” Because Julie proposed, the brides agreed that she would decide how they would walk down the aisle. Stacey went first and Julie second, and each bride was escorted by her parents.

Say the brides: ““I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz was a song we claimed back in college at the beginning of our relationship, and we thought it was the perfect song to walk down the aisle to. We chose a piano version and it couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Both Julie and Stacey had bridal parties. Julie had 10 bridesmaids and Stacey had 8. Their brothers and Stacey’s brother’s boyfriend served as “Bridesmen” who each held two women on their arms and walked them down the aisle to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

Say the brides: “For the Jewish tradition, we couldn’t break the glass in the ceremony … Like we really couldn’t. After a minute of trying, our rabbi did it.” The moment not only lightened the mood, but let both brides show off their stellar footwear. Watch the many attempts to break the glass.

The brides say that music is very important to them, so they took their time making selections. After they settled on their processional, they decided that “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran was perfect for their first dance. Say the brides: “From the second we heard it we felt a connection to it. We truly believe that we fell in love in a ‘mysterious way’ and the lyrics are just so fitting.”

Stacey’s Favorite Moment: “After a morning of scheduling 20+ women to get their hair and makeup done, all I really wanted was to see my bride. Our photographer Jonathan Scott led me out to do our first look and positioned me on a staircase then led Julie, blindfolded, to me. Once we were back to back, he put her hand on mine, I took a deep breath and turned around and in that moment with videographers, photographers, wedding planners and a variety of people watching, all I could see was Julie.”

Julie’s Favorite Moment: “One of my favorite moments was sitting at our sweetheart table at the reception, just looking around the room at our vision that came to life. It was incredible seeing all of those people there for us … when at one point in the past we never thought we could tell even one person about our relationship.”

The brides loved every minute of their day, from the mayhem of getting 20+ women hair and makeup ready, to their indoor ceremony, to their special moments on the dance floor.

Says Julie: “Another favorite moment was when Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” came on while everyone was eating and I said to Stacey, “I want to dance to this song!” So I pulled her onto the dance floor, just her and me, and in that moment, I felt we were the only people in the room.”

Need more? Us too. Watch their wedding video HERE.

The brides’ complementary Ever After dresses are ready and waiting.

Stacey gets some finishing touches while her bridesmaids look on.

Stacey and her 8 maids share some love before slipping into their formal wear.

Julie and her 10 maids do the same.

Julie’s dress gets some finishing touches.

Both brides admire each other’s classic style during their first look.

The lighting, the gowns, the love …

Julie & Stacey share a pre-ceremony kiss.

Then they’re off to get hitched!

Escorted by her parents, Stacey is the first bride to walk down the aisle.

Julie and her parents are right behind them.

During their vows, Stacey slips a wedding band onto Julie’s finger.

The arduous breaking of the glass.

The brides say, “I do,” and a kiss makes it official.

Officially Mrs. & Mrs.

The spectacular ballroom awaits the celebration. The brides chose mirrored royal tables with floating candles to divide the room, and 12 round tables with large flower arrangements and candles surrounded the royal tables.

Julie and Stacey are welcomed into their reception with cheers and applause.

The brides take the floor for their first dance, to “Thinking Out Loud.”

Say the brides: “We call each other “chicky,” and had chicky-related things throughout the wedding, from cake toppers to the symbol on cocktail napkins and invitations.”

With the party underway, Julie & Stacey stay right in the middle of the action.

The brides toss their bouquets in tandem to the many waiting ladies.

Neither bride wants frosting in her face during their playful cake-cutting.

As the celebration winds down, Julie & Stacey stick together, stealing a few kisses on the dance floor and sharing their joy with their many supportive friends and family.

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