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Questions: The Ladies of SYN on Custom Style for the Modern Bride

I chatted this week with Nicole and Susan, the brilliant duo behind SYNderela—two women who know fashion, and know what the modern and stylish bride is looking for—about the trends they’re loving right now. At SYNderela they create a custom experience for women who have an edge: bold women who aren’t afraid to stand out, who dare to be different, can appreciate quality and have an eye for beauty.

What kind of bride do you attract?

A contemporary girl who loves fashion and has a great sense of style. She takes pride in herself, is career-oriented and knows what she wants. She’s strong-willed, smart and subtly sexy, low-maintenance meets high-maintenance—think Sally, When Harry Met Sally—and she wants a wedding look that reflects her everyday style.

The bride we attract is the kind of girl that makes you forget to look at your phone when you are with her. She’s personable, warm and interesting, and appreciates quality. Her wedding look is custom and her shoes may be from J. Crew or Sergio Rossi. She shops for the latest labels but isn’t persuaded by fashion trends. She knows what works for her and sticks with it.

What are Synderela brides looking for?

A look that is unique, versatile and modern. Our bride wants the opposite of “princess & poofy.”  … if she is in a tulle skirt she’ll pair it with a jean jacket or leather jacket to make it edgy.

Is there a particular look you see many brides going for?

Separates. The Bridal Bodysuit has become a must-have item! In general, all of our brides are similar in attitude, but with distinct and different styles.  Every bridal gown we have designed is a true one-of-a-kind.

Do you find that same-sex couples shop together?

Yes, ours have.

Do any ask for complementary custom gowns?

Yes. Typically one of the brides will know exactly what she wants and the other will be indecisive and need more direction. We like to let them be different, so we strive to design something that is true to them but make sure they coordinate, that’s our specialty.

A recent couple both wanted a pencil shape, below the knee dress. One of the brides wanted something simple, and the other wanted lace, so we deigned one dress in all white and the other with lace inserts.  Both dresses were made with the same fabric, a 4-ply luxurious silk crepe. We loved their looks!

Any looks you love right now?

Blouson long sheer sleeves!!!! Velvet for a chic winter wedding. Capes!!  A great blazer with cigarette pants in a combo fabric like velvet and a crepe back silk satin. Anything that is not typical ‘bridal’ makes our hearts pound.

Anyone doing matching bridesmaids any more? What are you seeing for bridal parties?

Yes, there are still brides who want their girls to be uniform. We prefer them to wear something different but don’t mind them in the same dress if we love the silhouette. Sequins—which funny enough, we have been doing for two years so we’re over it, ha—but everyone is loving right now. We decided to get re-inspired and sourced a really gorgeous Rose Gold sequin that we have available in our signature sweetheart style. It’s one of our most coveted looks and it’s sold exclusively (for now) at Bella Bridesmaids.

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Synderela’s unique and oh-so-stunning made-to-order ombré look.

A custom look for a twist on a classic.

Keeping their brides looking fresh, fun and simply gorgeous.

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