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Julia & Kate's Proposal and Engagement Shoot

Julia—an exercise specialist—and Kate—an LSW/Therapist—met in college at West Chester University at the restaurant where Julia was a waitress. The couple now lives in Bryn Mawr with their two puppies. Julia was recently accepted to a Master’s Program for Industrial Design and Kate is a freelance photographer who enjoys open mic nights to share her acoustic songwriting.

Proposal Date: December 31st 2014

Kate proposed to Julia on New Year’s Eve in Philadelphia.

Julia says that “Unbeknownst to Kate, I was having a ring made and planned to propose.” But Kate beat her to it with a romantic dinner and limo ride during which Kate created a replica of the New Year’s Eve ball with a ring inside. She had a countdown of the ten things she loves most about Julia during the “ball drop.”

Says Julia, “It was magical, and I couldn’t have been happier.”

After Julia said yes the couple watched the fireworks in Philadelphia.

Julia & Kate had a summer engagement shoot with EarthMark Photography at the Swarthmore College Ampitheatre. They will be married on October 15th 2017 at Historic Shady Lane in Manchester.

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