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Charlotte & Debbie's Proposal Story & Engagement Shoot

Debbie and Charlotte met in Daytona Beach, Florida at the Good Samaritan Nursing home where they both work.

Debbie says that Charlotte is the first woman she has ever been with. She was divorced 16 years ago and could never find happiness. “Then Charlotte came along and I am truly happy.”

The Proposal

Charlotte proposed to Debbie on October 24th, 2015 at Hamburger Mary’s in Jacksonville, Florida.

Charlotte had always told Debbie that if she ever heard the song “Matrimony” by Wale then it meant a proposal was coming. On the couple’s anniversary Charlotte invited their friends and Debbie’s kids to Hamburger Mary’s to celebrate. She also coordinated secretly with the restaurant staff to get Debbie on stage that night so she could propose.

Says Debbie, “When they called me up to the stage I still thought it was just to say “Happy Anniversary.” Then they started playing “Matrimony” … It was a complete shock and it was so amazing.”

The couple shot an engagement session with Photographer Kim Phipps of Our Day Wedding Photography, whom they describe as “amazing.” Charlotte & Debbie were married on August 27th, 2016 at Riverside Pavilion in Port Orange Florida. See their beautiful engagement shoot on the beach after the jump.

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